How to clean your Down Pillow

What is the best way to clean a sleeping pillow?

Sleeping pillows can become quite dirty as a result of body oil, drool & dust mites that can accumulate in your bed. Some people will go as far as replacing their pillows every year. But if you aren’t ready to toss your down pillow out just yet, here’s what you can do.  

Our first video explains explain how to clean your down pillow. Our second video explains when it is time to get rid of that down pillow. If you prefer to read vs. watch, then just scroll down the page.  

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There is the option of dry cleaning your down pillow, but we do not recommend it and here’s why.  

  • Down and cotton are natural fibers, which means they will both absorb the chemical PERC, which is used during the dry-cleaning process. PERC is considered to be a carcinogenic and its residue will present in the pillow and down. As a result, you are breathing in the residue from that chemical every single night.  

We suggest laundering your down pillows at a Laundromat. Because the dryer drums are much larger than you would have at home, the pillows will tumble more freely and dry more thoroughly. 

The best way to wash your pillows

  • When washing sleeping pillows in a top-load washer, it is recommended to wash two pillows at a time. This will help balance the load and mitigating the tilt that could occur during the spin cycle.
  • We recommend using a high-efficiency front load as most models do a better job at cleaning then a top-load washer. 


Washing pillows should begin by following some simple, yet very helpful steps. 

  • Place pillows in the washer, add money and then add your detergent.
  • Consider using Le Blanc linen wash. It is an excellent detergent and we sell it here

This next step in the pillow washing process is not recommended by pillow manufacturers, because it can be hard on both the down and shell of a sleeping pillow.

  • Pretty much all bedding acquires dust mites and that includes pillows. A great way of getting rid of them is to pour a ¼ cup of bleach in the wash to kill those little buggers. 

When considering this option, you should ask yourself whether you would you rather lose a little life out of your pillow, or sleep with a few thousand dust mites pressed against your face? 

Now, sit back, relax, and let the washer bring on the demise of the dust mites. Next, it is off to the high-speed extractor. 

Remove excess water with an extractor

High speed extractor: 

Once the wash cycle has finished, grab your pillow(s) and bring them over to the high-speed extractor. This centrifuge will take additional water out of the pillows and accelerate the drying process. 


  • Now it is time to move along to the dryer. Insert your pillow(s) into the dryer, and be sure to set the heat to medium. It is as easy as that. Now go back to talking on the phone, surfing the web or engaging in some pleasant conversation with some of the locals. 

Dry you pillows thoroughly

Remove your pillows from the dryer after about 15 minutes. The outside of the pillow may feel dry, but the core probably going to still be a little damp.  

  • The best sleeping pillowsReposition the down inside the pillow. This can be done by fluffing and punching up the pillow. This should re-orientate the down from the center to the outside surface. Make sure you repeat this step every 5 or 10 minutes, until the entire pillows down is completely dry.  
  • Just when you think the sleeping pillow(s) is dry, give them one more five-minute run in the dryer. But always make sure the cotton shell does not get scorched. 
  • If you find that your pillows are still damp when you return home, sit them out in the sun or dry them individually in your dryer. Drying them in the sun may take a full day, but it is important to get them totally dry in order to avoid mildew or not.  

If you do not currently use pillow protectors, then consider purchasing some as they will keep your pillows much cleaner.

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