The Best Duvet Cover Construction Styles...

What to look for in your next Duvet Cover

There are a number of different construction styles and fabric options available with Duvet Covers. In the below video and article we explain some of the more popular ones and what you might want to consider when selecting your next one. 

There are a wide array of choices for the top of your bed, although duvet covers are among the most frequently purchased. Here is everything you need to know when it comes to purchasing your next duvet cover.  

Duvet covers are intended to be used to cover your down comforter. Duvet covers are also available in many different fabrics, which include cotton, linen, silk, and synthetics. Some materials are considered to be better choices than others. 

Duvet cover benefits 

  • Protection for your down comforter.
    • The shell of a down comforter is usually made of white cotton. Simple wear will subject the shell to staining and this is an unavoidable result of body oil, makeup and other things that may come in contact.
    • A down comforter can be washed, although continual washing will shorten its overall life. The constant friction in the washing and drying cycles causes the down clusters to break down.
    • Washing your duvet cover is much easier and less damaging than washing your down comforter. There are a vast amount of washable duvet covers available for purchase.  
  • Provide a nice decorative top to your bed.
    • When walking into a bedroom, the duvet cover is usually the most visible component in the entire room. That means a quality duvet cover makes an excellent first impression. 
    • Down comforters are unmatched when it comes to weight to warmth ratio. They are also extremely comfortable to sleep under.
    • Bedspreads are limited in availability because of the variations in mattress thickness and bed height.  

Duvet cover construction recommendations 

  • Washable, lightweight fabrics
    • The cleaning process is much easier without having to always visit the dry cleaners. Washable cotton fabrics make cleaning a convenient, quick and inexpensive process.
    • A silk fabric may look and feel fabulous, but they are not practical. Silk snags easily and can be quite expensive.  
  • Weight and texture
    • Texture typically represents weight in duvet covers. Texture can add a certain decorative appeal, but the fabrics could cause the duvet cover to weigh as much as 20 pounds. Meanwhile, a sheet-weight cotton fabric generally tips the scale at only a few pounds.
    • Most people are not in favor of having a good deal of weight upon them while they are sleeping. The additional weight of these fabrics also compresses the air out of the down comforter. (Air is what traps body heat and results in warmth).
    • The single best feature of a down comforter is a whole lot of warmth with only a little bit of weight.
    • We recommend looking for duvet covers made of sheet-weight fabrics as these are both durable and washable.  

Duvet cover size 

  • Many of the popular mattresses on the market today are super thick. Therefore, it is wise to consider a duvet cover with flanges on the sides and foot, instead of a simple sack construction.
  • A duvet cover with flanges on 3 sides (sides & foot) is a better construction style because it provides extra coverage. For example, a 4” flange offers an additional 8” of extra coverage to the sides of your mattress and adds an extra 4" to the length.  

Luxury cotton duvet coversClosure of the duvet 

  • Be on the lookout for hidden button closures (not zippers, because they can jam). A hidden button closure is located on the underside of the duvet. This provides a much nicer, cleaner, and finished look.
  • These buttons should always be at the foot of the bed, unless there is some decorative reason for placement elsewhere on the duvet). 

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