Goose Down Comforter slipping inside Duvet Cover.

Preventing your Down Comforter from slipping in a Duvet Cover.

Some Down Comforters can move around inside your Duvet Cover. In the below video and article we show you how to easily stop this from occurring.

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Down comforters can occasionally slip inside the duvet cover. This is problematic and can be attributed to two primary causes: 

  • When people lie in bed, they often pull the down comforter and duvet cover up around their faces. Without even realizing it, they grab the cover fabric on the loose part of the duvet. Over the course of a few nights, this can create an expanding gap between the down comforter and duvet cover. 
  • Gravity also exacerbates the gap between the down comforter and the duvet cover. Both are draped over the end or foot of the bed, typically between 12” to 18”. Gravity actually pulls both of these pieces downward and because the down comforter weighs more, it can gradually make its way to the foot of the duvet cover. 

Here is a simple way to fix this problem:

  • Grab a large shoelace, cord or some pieces of scrap fabric.
  • Cut the shoelace into 2 pieces about 10" to 12" in length 
  • Also cut 2 pieces about 3" in length. 

 Items you will need to prevent your down comforter from slipping   

  • Take the smaller two pieces and sew each of them across the two top corners of the Down comforter (as shown below).

  • Make sure to sew on the outside edge of the down comforter.

  • Do not sew in the compartment that contains the down. If you do, then you might inadvertently enlarge the hole that was originally created by the thread. That will cause down to escape. 

  • Sew the fabric strap at the corner of the down comforter. 

Sew the fabric strap at the corner of the down comforter 

Now turn your duvet cover inside out: 

  • At the top (2) corners of your duvet cover (the ones that are at the head of the bed) take two of the larger pieces of shoelace and sew in place as shown below – you want to sew in the middle of the shoelace or strap's length. 

Sew a fabric strap inside the top corner of the duvet cover  

Bring your duvet cover and down comforter together at the point where the straps have been sewn in place. Take one of the duvet cover straps and thread the strap under the down comforter strap. Then tie the duvet cover strap in a bow, the same way you would do with shoelaces. 

Securing your down comforter in a duvet cover

  • Repeat this step at the other corner of the down comforter and duvet cover. Then, simply pull the duvet cover over the down comforter and close it up.  

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Some people may opt to use ties in all four corners, although this is not really necessary because down comforters do not slide up the bed. Down comforters only slide down. 

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