The different types of fabrics used in Luxury Bed Linens & Sheets

Different fabrics used in bed sheets...

Here is a closer look at the most commonly used fabrics used in bedding today.  


  • This is easily the most popular fabric and has excellent wicking properties, which does an excellent job of drawing moisture away from the body. Good cotton can also feel wonderfully soft next to your skin. 

 Cotton is the most popular fiber used in bed sheets.


  • This is made from
  •  the flax plant also has excellent wicking properties.
  • Linen has a very different, yet cooler feel on the skin.
  • Good linen is more durable than cotton, but also wrinkles more than cotton.
  • A quality set of linen sheets are can cost well over $1,500.
  • Higher-end linens have some color limitations and may only be available in white and ivory. 


  • This is super soft, but can also feel hot because it doesn’t breathe well.
  • Silk snags easily, is difficult to clean and can be quite expensive.
  • Silk is clingy and feels sticky on your skin, making for uncomfortable summer nights.  


  • These are available in a variety of cotton vs. poly ratios.
  • This blend typically costs much less than 100% cotton.
  • Cottony/Poly doesn’t wrinkle as much as cotton, but it doesn’t wick moisture as well because of the polyester content.  


  • This is essentially Rayon and is made from Beech trees.
  • Modal is super soft and feels a lot like silk.
  • It washes like cotton and has good wicking properties.
  • Modal can be expensive, with costs exceeding $1,000 for a set of sheets.
  • We have found that modal doesn't wear as well as cotton.  


  • We have tried bed sheets made from bamboo and they were soft before washing, but turned coarse afterward.
  • Bamboo does not seem to last as long as Modal, cotton, or linen.
  • They do offer good wicking properties, similar to other wood fiber bed sheets like Modal. 

On a side note, there have been some claims of Eco-friendly benefits with wood fiber sheets. However, the Federal Government sees things a lot differently. The chemicals that are used to break down the wood fiber are very caustic. Also, the fabric does not degrade in landfills quickly and the claims that wood fiber sheets are antimicrobial are completely false. As a result, the FTC has already sued many of the manufacturers that have made these Eco-friendly claims. 

Bed sheets from Italy

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