Removing Wrinkles from Your Luxury Bed Linens & Sheets

The easiest way to get wrinkles out of bed sheets

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No iron needed...

  • 100% Cotton bed sheets feel wonderful next to your skin, which is why it is the most popular fabric used in bed linens.
  • Luxury linens are a wonderful thing (Italian Bed Linens are even better) however, they can wrinkle.
  • You have made an investment in your bedding, so you will want it to look great.
  • Ironing is the best way to get wrinkles out.
    • Ironed bed linens look great and ironing makes them feel even nicer as the iron lays the nap of the fabric down.
  • But, not everyone has the time to iron or the inclination.

Having them professionally laundered is something to consider. You want them laundered not dry-cleaned, as the harsh chemicals used in dry-cleaning can harm the cotton fabric.

  • For those that won’t iron them, the below quick tip demonstrates how to make them look as if they have.
  • Here is what you need:
    • Spray bottle of water.
      • Water is a wrinkle release.
      • You may want to consider getting fragranced water as well, there are many to choose from and they come in several fragrances as well. They make the bed smell great.
    • Regardless, if you use fragrance water or plain tap water, the result is the same.
  • Put on your fitted sheet, then give it a light spritz of water or a fragrance linen water.
  • Then put your flat sheet on the bed and tuck in the foot and about 1/3 up the sides.

The trick to this tip is putting a little tension on the sheets.

  • The fitted sheet will already have enough tension in it.
  • With the flat sheet, simply grab one of the top corners (at the head of the bed) and pull it slightly taunt. Then spritz it with a light mist of water.

Remove wrinkles without iron

  • Now stuff one of your pillowcases. Then suspend it from the cuff with one hand.
  • Give it a light spritz of water on both sides. Then grab the pillow cases with both hands at the cuff, suspend it and give it a shake in an up in down motion. Repeat the process with your other pillows or shams.

Removing a wrinkle in your bed sheets


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Wrinkles gone!

You can also do the same thing with your duvet cover.