Thread Count - What it means in your Luxury Linens & Sheets.

Thread count doesn't matter too much...

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Many people think thread count is what determines a bed sheet's quality; and wrongly think because the label indicates the sheets are 1000 thread count, they have to be good. 

Well, this isn't the case.

Backing up a bit; 

  • Thread count determined by adding the number of warp & weft threads found in one square inch of fabric - together. I.E., 150 warp threads + 150 weft threads = 300 thread count.


But, let’s digress.

First, not all cotton is created equal.

  • Cotton, as with many products, is graded based on specific attributes.
  • Fiber length, diameter, color, and tensile strength are some of the primary characteristics that determine its’ grade. 
    • The longer, thinner, stronger fibers are the ones that find their way into Luxury Linens.  
    • Cotton fibers that contain these higher quality attributes are more expensive. They also produce the finest sheets and linens relative to hand, drape and wear.
      • But only a fraction of the world's harvest meet these high quality standards.
    • Additionally, uncontrollable variables such as the temperature and other climatic conditions (rain or lack of) all impact the quality of each harvest.

Here is our hamburger analogy that articulates this point.

  • There are fast food hamburgers, and there are hamburgers made from Kobe beef.
  • Both beef - both hamburgers – we hope you see the point – there is no comparison between the products.
  • The same is true with cotton. There are good quality cotton and poor quality cotton and a lot of stuff in the middle.

Great sheets are all about good cotton

There are also differences in weaving.

Below is a photo of two different magnified cotton textiles:

  • On the left is our Italian (woven from high-grade cotton).
  • On the right one from China woven from a low-grade cotton. 

The finest sheets in the world are made in Itlay

Look at the inconsistent thread diameter & weave. See those nubs?

  • The nubs represent areas where future pilling will occur. The inconsistent weave results in a scratchy, coarse fabric.
    • With finer luxury bed linens, finer grades of cotton are used.
      • Just because the label indicates the bed sheets are Egyptian cotton, doesn’t mean the sheet contains 100% Egyptian.
      • A sheet can contain as little as 10% Egyptian cotton and still carry the Egyptian cotton label. 
      • Even worse, the 10% used can be a substandard grade of Egyptian Cotton.
    • This explains why good quality, 200 thread count, luxury Italian sheets can feel nicer than 1,000 thread count bed sheets made from substandard grades of cotton.
    • As with most things, you get what you pay for. This is true with luxury bed linens.
      • So, when you see 1,000 thread count sheets selling for $80, we hope you keep this article in mind.
    • True, Italian luxury linens, made from great grades of cotton, with high-thread counts are going to cost you over $1,200, unless you buy Vero Linens.
      • Our sheets do not have a retail mark-up, so they can be purchased for 60% less than other luxury bed linens and sheets.

We hope this clarifies the thread count issue and as always, please feel free to call or email us with any of your bedding related questions.

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