​The Big Benefits of Oversized or Custom Bedding

​The Big Benefits of Oversized or Custom Bedding

Posted by Michael Garrity - Francis Lofts & Bunks on Aug 27, 2020

Few pieces of furniture have a direct impact on our lives like our beds. Not only is it the visual centerpiece of your bedroom, but it’s also where you’ll spend most of your time on a day-to-day basis (even if you’re not awake for all of it).

Consciously or not, we tend to choose beds that are representatives of our lives, and now that we’re all home more, people are beginning to reimagine what they want or need their beds to do for them. This has many folks turning to oversized beds - Wyoming Kings, Texas Kings, or massive nine foot by nine foot Alaskan King Beds - to increase their comfort, improve their space, and enhance or cultivate a specific lifestyle.

Though there are many compelling reasons to upgrade your sleep experience with a big bed frame, here are some of the most significant benefits to consider.

Increased Comfort

The first (and most obvious) benefit of an oversized bed is that it simply offers (a lot) more space, which guarantees great sleep for couples, larger folks, and people who enjoy having room to move around at night.

In recent years, traditional king size beds have begun to overtake queen size beds as the top choice for couples of all shapes and sizes, because no matter how much they may love their partners, some people just can’t get enough of their own space at night. For these folks, an oversized bed offers even more room for each person to sleep peacefully without interrupting or being interrupted by their partner. This also makes oversized beds a practical choice for couples that have different work or sleep schedules.

And since even the shortest oversized bed (the Wyoming King) still clocks in at seven feet long, these beds are literally a great fit for especially tall people. The California King bed is the longest standard bed size available on the market, but while it also clocks in at seven feet long, it’s only six feet wide - even smaller than a traditional king size bed! This may be fine for a tall person sleeping alone, but the lack of width could cause problems for some couples. Oversized beds more than makeup for that with ample room in every direction, especially when you get up to the Texas King or Alaskan King sizes.

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Room for the Whole Family

Young families love oversized beds because they provide a cozy place to spend time together. Co-sleeping with kids younger than preschool age is a long-standing tradition that’s seen a rise in popularity in recent years as some of the health and emotional benefits of this practice gain traction in the public consciousness. Oversized beds make this a far more comfortable experience for everyone involved, especially with the super-wide Family size bed or the extra-large Alaskan king.

And while co-sleeping may not be the right fit for every family, sometimes it’s just nice to have a place where everyone can hang out together that emphasizes and encourages comfort and intimacy. An oversized bed is an ideal setting for activities like storytime, movie nights, and of course, breakfast in bed.

Fit for Fido

Studies show that over half of the dog owners and 62% of cat owners in the United States sleep with their pets at night, including 32% of “large dog” owners. We can definitely attest to how much space a big pooch takes up when they’re sound asleep. If you want to share your bed with your pet(s) for safety — or just because you love the snuggles — an oversized bed ensures that you can accommodate them without missing out on roomy and comfortable sleep.

A Big Bed for a Big Room

Beyond the practical applications, oversized beds also offer many aesthetic benefits, especially for people who are trying to furnish really large bedrooms or hotel suites. Sometimes a truly massive master bedroom can make even a standard king or California King size bed frame look minuscule.

From a design perspective, an Alaskan king or other oversized bed makes better use of big spaces by utilizing more of the room for a functional purpose and providing a strong focal point. This ensures that the most important piece of furniture in the room doesn’t get dwarfed by other furniture or design elements.

Emphasize a Luxury Lifestyle

Not for nothing, but if it’s important to you, oversized beds are also an effective way to signal the elegance of your space, and it always feels good to know that you’ve spared no expense to provide comfort for yourself, your family, or your guests. Simply put, an oversized bed can help you realize the luxury lifestyle that you’ve worked hard to achieve.

An Alaskan King Bed transforms your space from a functional bedroom into an exceptional space built for leisure and relaxation. For individual families, an oversized bed can become a sanctuary in your home, and for high-end hotels or vacation rentals, an Alaskan King Bed will let your guests feel like they’re staying in the lap of luxury. No matter what kind of room you’re trying to furnish, these big beds will immediately make it look and feel more sophisticated.

Because of their immense size, these huge beds often require ordering custom made mattresses and bedding. This means that you’re also able to enjoy the benefits that come with purchasing a handcrafted mattress and linens made specifically for you, with all of the care and quality that entails, such as the fine Italian sheets available from  Vero Linens.

Live Large with an Alaskan King Bed

Though these big bed frames appeal to many people for many different reasons, they’re not easy to come by, and usually, when you do, they’re simple wooden platforms that serve the purely functional purpose of holding an oversized mattress.

The Alaskan King Bed from  Francis Lofts & Bunks is more than just a heavy-duty bed frame; it’s also a high-quality piece of furniture that will accentuate your style and add a level of sophistication to your space thanks to its bold and tasteful modern design (available in five decorative finishes). Each bed is custom built to order and handcrafted with care in the USA.

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Mattress Sizes


What are the most popular sizes of oversized mattresses?

  • They are Alaskan King, Wyoming King, Texas King, and Alberta King.
    • An Alaskan King is 108” x 108”.
    • A Wyoming King is 84” x 84”.
    • A Texas King is 80” x 98”.
    • A Vermont King is 96” x 96”.
    • To view our custom bedding page, click here, or email us for additional details. 

Where can you purchase luxury custom bedding for a oversized or custom size mattress?

  • Most bed linen manufacturers do not produce custom or oversized bed sheets and other bedding products.
    • Demand for these oversized products is quite low, so many companies do not want to become involved .
  • If you do have or are considering purchasing an oversized mattress, you will need to purchase custom bed linens.
  • At Vero, we can make bed sheets, mattress pads, down comforters, and coverlets for virtually all custom mattresses.
  • To inquire about our oversized or custom made bed linens, visit our custom bedding page found here

What is the cost of oversized or custom bedding?

  • Mattresses and headboards will vary in cost due to size, materials used in their construction.
  • Custom bedding (sheets, duvet covers, down comforters and mattress pads) will also vary in pricing due to the qualities of the materials used. At Vero Linens our custom bedding typically ranges about 15% to 20% over our regular king size merchandise. 
  • Our custom bedding website page can be found here.
  • A company that produces both custom mattresses and headboards that we are familiar with is Francis Lofts & Bunks. 

What is the largest size bed?

  • A mattress or bed can literally be any size.
  • An Alaskan King is recognized as the largest standard size bed.
  • An Alaskan King mattress measures 108” x 108”. The depth will vary depending on manufacturer.
  • Custom size mattress can also be produced in virtually any size. 
  • To purchase bed linens for an Alaskan or other oversized and custom mattresses, visit our custom bedding page found here.