Light Weight Baffle-Box Down Comforters

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If you love the feeling of sleeping under a Down Comforter and know you sleep hot, our Lightweight Down Comforter is the perfect choice for you.

This comforter has the fewest ounces of down between the three levels of warmth that we offer in our comforters, making it ideal for hot sleepers, warm climates, or summer nights.

  • It features a premium baffle-box design that keeps the down evenly distributed and prevents cold spots.
  • Filled with 650-fill power snow white down, which is light, soft, and fluffy.
  • The amount of down found in our lightweight comforters varies by size.
    • Twin - 22 Oz.
    • Queen - 33 Oz.
    • King/Cal-King - 37 Oz.
  • The baffle boxes have a 3/4-inch sidewall that allows the down to expand and create maximum loft and coziness.
    • Note: Our light weight comforter baffle box side walls are not present on the outboard edge of the comforter but are in all inner compartments.
  • Covered with a 360 thread count 100% cotton shell that is smooth, soft, and breathable.
  • All of our Down Comforters have corner ties (loops) that help secure them inside your duvet cover and prevent shifting.
    • Use King for Cal-King beds and Queen for Full beds.
  • Our comforters are washable.
  • Offering warmth without extra weight.
  • Outer shell is corded and has a double-stitched edge to enhance its durability and longevity.
  • All of our Down Comforters are generously sized to fit inside your duvet cover properly.
  • Made in the USA with pride and craftsmanship.

Watch our video above to understand more about our Down Comforters and what to look for when selecting your next one.

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 This luxurious and lightweight down comforter will give you comfortable and restful sleep.

 Good Housekeeping Award Best Comforter


idfl certified down


Available in King/Cal-King and Queen & Twin