Le Blanc Linen Water

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Le Blanc Linen Water spray is a wonderful way to add a clean subtle fragrance to your bed linens and is perfect for refreshing your bed, bath linens and apparel with clean, long-lasting scents.

We offer 3 unique and refreshing fragrances that pair with Le Blanc’s wonderful Linen Wash sold here.

  • A long -lasting fragrance mist for fine linens & apparel
  • Keeps linens smelling renewed & refreshed
  • 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe, eco-friendly, made in the USA
  • Consistent performance, luxurious experience

Original: Is a mixture of jasmine and hyacinth, fused with light hints of apple, kiwi, citrus zest, and precious woods. Le Blanc’s Original offers a refreshing, unique fragrance medley.

Lavender: Stems from wild lavender that is balanced with rosemary, bergamot, rose eucalyptus and cedar, offer a soothing and subtle classic fragrance. 

Portfolio: Portfolio offers a slight citrus fragrance that is balanced with subtle violet and sandalwood. With an understated hint of soft musk, crushed tonka bean, and vanilla, Portfolio is fresh smelling and a one of a kind fragrance.

Le Blanc not only brings a clean, refreshing scent to your bed, but it can also help you keep your linens wrinkle free.

Watch the above videos to learn how to remove wrinkles from your linens without an iron and how to properly wash and care for them.