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Le Blanc Linen Water’s are a wonderful way to add a clean subtle fragrance to your bed linens and is perfect for refreshing your bed, bath linens and apparel with clean, long-lasting scents. We offer 3 unique and refreshing fragrances that pair with Le Blanc’s wonderful Linen Wash sold here.

  • A long -lasting fragrance mist for fine linens & apparel
  • Keeps linens smelling renewed & refreshed
  • 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe, eco-friendly, made in the USA
  • Consistent performance, luxurious experience

Original: Is a mixture of jasmine and hyacinth, fused with light hints of apple, kiwi, citrus zest, and precious woods. Le Blanc’s Original offers a refreshing, unique fragrance medley.

Lavender: Stems from wild lavender that is balanced with rosemary, bergamot, rose eucalyptus and cedar, offer a soothing and subtle classic fragrance. 

Portfolio: Portfolio offers a slight citrus fragrance that is balanced with subtle violet and sandalwood. With an understated hint of soft musk, crushed tonka bean, and vanilla, Portfolio is fresh smelling and a one of a kind fragrance.

Le Blanc not only brings a clean, refreshing scent to your bed, but it can also help you keep your linens wrinkle free.
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Premium Fragrance:
  • A long-lasting fragrance mist for fine linens & apparel.
  • Keeps linens smelling renewed & refreshed.
  • Scents inspired from nature.
  • Available in laundry detergent as well.

Customer Reviews (2)

Sweetly-scented dreams

This was an indulgence I am glad I tried. Did I "need" this? No. Am I glad I got it? A resounding YES! It is a huge bottle, so it will last a long time. Just a light spray on my sheets and pillow cases leaves a gentle, sweet scent (I got Lavender). It also makes it easy to smooth heavy wrinkles (if any). I just spritz, "iron" with my hands, and the linens look nice and smell great. The scent is light, but I believe if I used an iron, it might last longer. For me, this is just long enough. Do yourself a favor and indulge. It's the little things that make life good. Enjoy. Casey

The lavender linen spray is very nice as well- not too strong of a scent, but very pleasant.

The lavender linen spray is very nice as well- not too strong of a scent, but very pleasant. Yvonne
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