Down vs. Feather Pillows and Comforters

Differences between Down & Feather

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Down and feather are sometimes mentioned in the same breath, although they are not the same. Both Down or Feather sleeping pillows are long-lasting and offer years of comfort. However, there are differences between the two and here’s a closer look at what differentiates down and feather: 

There is a difference between down and feather  

  • The location of feathers on a bird are obvious, but down is more concealed. Down is found under a bird’s breast feathers, and is actually a cluster that is unstructured. 
  • Down is similar to some of the fibers you might notice floating around in the spring, which come from Cottonwood trees. 
  • Down is a wonderful filler used in down comforters, coats and sleeping pillows. 
    • Feather is not well suited for comforters but does make an excellent firm sleeping pillow.
  • Down has a quill, but that quill is pretty much undetectable. Meanwhile, feather quills are much more noticeable. 
  • Down is considered to be among nature’s best insulators. It provides excellent warmth to weight ratio, which has yet to be replicated by bedding suitable synthetic materials. 
  • Both down and feather will not bunch up or develop knots the way some other pillow fillings do. Down and feather both hold their shape extremely well.   

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