What is a Down Blanket

Down Blanket vs. Down Comforter 

A down comforter is a popular bedding item that is widely recognized. However, down blankets also get their share of use and are preferred by people who consider down comforters to be too warm. The two varieties share some similarities as a down blanket is essentially a thinner version of a down comforter.

Down blankets are light weight & cozy warm

In the below video we explain the difference between a down blanket down comforter.

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To shop for down comforters - click here.

Down is a natural fiber, which provides comforters and blankets with excellent insulation. The alternative of a synthetic blanket will be a significant step down as they do not breathe well at all. Here are some more benefits of a down blanket: 

Down blankets have a lot of versatility and offer additional warmth when they are placed underneath a coverlet.

  • Warm and cosy down blanketsDown blankets are very easily washed.
  • Down blankets can be used inside a duvet cover because their size is very similar to a down comforter.
  • Down blankets are reasonably priced, extremely durable and ideal for those that are hot at night, a guest room or children’s bed.  

For those who are not interested using the traditional down comforter and duvet cover, purchasing a down blanket is an excellent alternative. Down blankets are commonly used in the summer because they are more lightweight than down comforters.  


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