Why Choose Vero?

We manufacture some of the finest Italian bed sheets in the world!

The softness & feel of our bed linens are unmatched in both quality & price.

The below video explains our business model & how we save you 60% off our luxury linens every day.

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Here is what our customer say.

By selling our linens direct on the internet, we bypass retailers & retail mark-up.

    • Our bed linens are 60% off like-quality products you would find at any luxury linen boutique in North America, such as Neiman Marcus or ABC Home NY.
    • Vero Linens are some of the finest bed linens made in the World.
    • Much like suits, shoes, and purses – “the finest linens in the World are made in Italy” – period. Our attention to detail and quality is simply not replicated in other regions of the World
    • Why don’t other luxury linen manufacturers sell direct to consumers?
        • They do, however, they do it at full retail price. We simply eliminate a step in the distribution chain – the retailer.