What is the best weight for a down comforter

How to select a down comforter that is right for you. 

It is a common question for customers to ask which Down Comforter is right for them. The reality is there is no equation or formula to use when deciding on the exact down comforter to buy. However, there are some helpful hints.  

It should be noted that down comforters do not actually give off warmth. They function by being able to hold the heat that is generated by your body. It is comparable to insulation within a home, as the down actually traps the air. Therefore, the amount of down and the quality of the down will determine how much warmth your comforter will hold.  

Today many homes are climate controlled, which means the temperature does not fluctuate much over the course of a year. Instead of considering outside temperatures, consumers should consider whether they have a tendency to be warm or cold most of the time. That will tell you a lot about which of the following types of down comforter is right for you. Below are the comforters we sell at Vero.  


Goose down baffle box comforter or duvetThere is no rhyme or reason as to why most people have a tendency to be warmer or colder. However, that may be the best way to tell which down comforter is right for you.  

Vero Linens has everything you need in a down comforter. Ifyou are in the market for down comforters, soft down sleeping pillows, or cozy warm down comforters, then Vero Linens has something for you.

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