When should you replace your sleeping pillow?

How often should you replace a sleeping pillow?

Sleeping pillows can have a substantial impact on a night of sleep. A comfortable and supportive pillow can make for a very good night of slumber, although many people believe that only their old, used pillow can do such a thing. Some people will even go as far as bringing their own sleeping pillow when traveling. But here’s what they probably don’t know.  

  • All sleeping pillows and all bedding, for that matter, will become infested with dust mites (see below) and other unpleasant debris. 

Bed Bugs infest all bedding including sleeping pillows

Sleeping pillows wear out because the weight of your head breaks down the filling over the course of time. The pillows become thinner as filling migrates into dust.  

Because a pillow degrades slowly, people do not typically notice its gradual change. Instead, they adapt to its decreasing size.   

  • A pillow that is gradually shrinking actually accumulates more dust mites (and their feces), dead skin cells, and body oil.   

Robert Oexman, who serves as the director of the Sleep to Live Institute, recommended that sleeping pillows be thrown out every six months. Opinions differ on this topic, but here are some important things that can help you make your own decision.  

Some people are more susceptible to health issues that could arise from the accumulated debris on a sleeping pillow.   

  • While you sleep, both your face and respiratory system come in direct contact with a soiled pillow.  
  • Acne, asthmatic and allergic conditions can all be exacerbated by sleeping on a dirty pillow.   
  • Dust mites do not pose any risks, other than allergic or asthmatic reactions, and they do not spread any diseases. Yet, the mere thought of sleeping with a few hundred of those little critters every night is not too pleasant.   
  • Using pillow protectors is an excellent way of keeping debris from seeping into your pillow and they also do a great job of reducing dust mites.

So, what’s the answer? Throw out your favorite pillow and start breaking in a new one? The truth is, they do reach a point in which they should be tossed, however washing them is an easy way to extend their life. Here's how to do it...


All of this information does not mean you have to immediately throw out all your pillows and being breaking in some new ones. However, all pillows reach a point when they should be tossed. However, simple washing will extend their use and here is a look at how to do that…  

  • Washing your pillows will significantly reduce the amount of bacteria, dust mites, bacteria and other gunk.
  • We do not recommend dry-cleaning your sleeping pillows because this process uses the caustic chemical PERC, which leaves a residue on the filling and pillow cover. You don’t want to be breathing in this chemical every night while you sleep.  

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