Reasons to use a Duvet Cover

Down Comforters & Duvets Covers are the most popular top of bed cover. 

Duvet Covers are wonderful to sleep under  

There continues to be one constant in the bedding industry and that is the popularity of Down Comforters and Duvet Covers. Both of these items are wonderfully light and cozy and here are some reasons why they have become the most popular top of the bed covers. 

The combination of a Down Comforter and Duvet Cover is incredible to sleep under and does not constrict your legs at all.

  • Down has an excellent warmth to weight ratio.
  • Making your bed is a quick and easy with a Duvet Cover and Down Comforter.
  • Duvet covers are made in many different colors and have many different patterns. The entire look of a bed can change by simply changing the Duvet Cover.
  • A cotton duvet cover is very easy to launder.  

When it comes time to purchase a new Duvet Cover, we recommend a light sheet weight fabric instead of a heavy textured fabric. In the following video, we explain why.

Covering your Down Comforter with a Duvet Cover offers protection from body oil, make-up and any other items that could make contact. On its own, a Down Comforter soils easily, regardless of whether it is made from white cotton fabric or ivory.  

It is also much easier to clean a Duvet Cover than a Down Comforter. And as long as your home is equipped with air conditioning, you can use down comforters all year around.  

  • To learn how to clean a Down Comforter watch our video here.
  • To understand what you should look for in a Down Comforter click here.
  • Because most homes in the US are air-conditioned, down comforters can be used year-round. 

Down Comforters do wear out, to how to determine if it is time to replace yours click here.   

Light weight duvet cover.

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