King vs. California King bedding explained...

What is the difference between California King and regular King Bedding? 

The difference between a King and California King mattress.

There are some difference between a King and California King size bed components, but many are the same. For the most part, when it comes to top-of-the-bed items, duvet coverscoverletssleeping pillows, shams & down comforters are used interchangeably between a King & Cal-King bed. 

Luxury Italian bed sheetsThe mattress sizes between a King and California King bed are slightly different:

  • King – 76” W x 80” L (sometimes we see King mattresses 78" wide)
  • Cal King – 72” W x 84” L  

Nevertheless, the following items are not interchangeable:

In a similar manner, fitted sheets and bed skirts are not interchangeable between Queen and Full-size bedding. Below are some more helpful hints regarding a King and California King size mattress: 

  • King is more popular than Cal. King
  • Taller people usually purchase a Cal King because of its extra length
  • A King size mattress is the same size as two extra-long twin mattresses placed side by side  

Here is an illustration that shows the different sizes of mattresses. 

Here are the standard mattress sizes 

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