What are the common sizes for bed pillows?

Common bed pillow sizes...

Bed and sleeping pillows are not limited to one size as they are available in a few different varieties. Here is a closer look at the most popular sizes of sleeping pillows used in bedding. 

Standard Pillow – 20” W x 26 L” 

Standard Size Sleeping pillows are the most popular size

 This is easily the most popular type of sleeping pillow

  • This size is used for standard pillow shams

  • One standard pillow is just right for a twin bed

  • Two standard pillows fit adequately across a full or queen bed

  • Three standard pillows fit best across a king bed 

 King Pillow – 20” W x 36 L” 

King Size sleeping pillows are 20

  • King pillows remain popular, although many king-bed owners still prefer using standard pillows. The main reason is that many find king pillows difficult to manipulate during a night of sleep. 


Euro Pillow – 26” W x 26” L 

Euro Pillows are 26

This variety is used mostly as decorative pillows that are positioned at the head of bed. Euro pillows do provide a nice height and add an appealing layer to the bed. They are also functional, providing comfort when watching TV or reading in bed. 

  • If you are not sleeping on Euro Pillows, then remember to use a feather fill insert. This will decrease the cost and is considerably cheaper than using down. Be sure to avoid using any synthetic fillings because they do not do a good job of filling out the sham and could continue to bunch up over the course of time. 

Boudoir Pillow – 12” W x 16” L 

Boudoir Pillows are 12

  • A boudoir pillow is mainly used as a decorative pillow. However, some people make use of them as a travel pillow, they are similar to the ones given out on a commercial airplane. 

In the following video, we point out when it's time to replace your sleeping pillow.

Down and feather sleeping pillows

At Vero Linens we offer all of the aforementioned pillows. Our sleeping pillows are available in feather, down a feather down combination and a synthetic polyester fill for those that have down or feather allergies, so there is one to meet your specific sleeping needs. All of our down undergoes a 7 stage sanitizing and washing process. All or our down products are made in the USA and are hypoallergenic. 

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