Bed Linens are the perfect wedding gift 

Many of the wedding customs that are currently practiced in the United States originated across the Atlantic Ocean. Italy is actually the source of many of the common wedding practices carried out by Americans every day. Here are just a few of those wedding customs. 

  • Diamond engagement ring
  • Bridal veil
  • Gift giving  

The dowries that once were provided by a bride’s family are all but a thing of the past, but many Italian wedding customs live on. Wedding gifts often included luxury Italian linens, (a rather broad term that identifies various items throughout a home). The luxury linens given as a gift to a bride and groom could include any of the following items:  

  • Kitchen and bathroom towels
  • Bed linens - sheets (sheet sets), pillows and pillowcases, duvetsdown comforters
  • Bathroom linens (towels, mats and rugs)
  • Table linens (with or without napkin holders or napkin rings)  

The bottom line is, every bride and groom is going to remember a gift that comes with thought and that provides lots of usefulness and longevity. The boring old gravy boat and giant serving tray are not going to get a ton of use. Many couples quickly forget who even purchased those items. However, it is very likely they will remember who gave them their fine luxury linens and here’s why.  

A couple that has just gotten married might have to make a lot of purchases for the home. That might make them less inclined to spend a lot of money on something like bed linens. However, they will be spending a sufficient amount of time in the bedroom, so why shouldn’t they be able to sleep in luxury?  

An incredible set of 100% Cotton luxury linens will last for years and is sure to be appreciated by all newlyweds. Those sheets could even last as long as 10 years!  

But it is important to remember that world’s best linens have always come from Italy and that remains true to this very day.  

Luxury Linens also make a perfect gift for other occasions as well and here are the "Top 10 Reasons" why!

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Luxury Italian Linens - the gift that is used every night and keeps giving.

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