Luxury Italian Bed Linens - The Perfect Wedding Gift

Prince William & Kate's wedding

A tremendous amount of Western culture, enjoyed and practiced in the US, came from Italy. Wedding customs and protocol are no exception.

  • It is believed that many of today's practiced wedding customs throughout the World originated in Italy.
  • The diamond engagement ring, the bridal veil and gift giving are three time-honored traditions that are thought to have originated there as well.

Gift giving is a significant part of this custom.

  • Today things such as dowries from the bride's family have virtually disappeared but they used to include items such as a year’s worth of clothing and luxury Italian linens (table & bed).

Linen is a broad term that covers necessities throughout the house.

  • This may include towels for the kitchen and bathroom. Bed linens includes sheets (sheet sets), pillows and pillowcases, duvets (down comforters) duvet covers pillow shams, & blankets.
    • Bathroom linens might also include towels mats and rugs.
  • One could even fulfill the theme of a luxury linen bridal shower by offering table linens with napkin holders or napkin rings

Every one of the bride and groom's guest's wants to provide a gift that has meaning, thought, usefulness and longevity.

  • Sure, every newly married couple needs a blender, toaster and coffee pot, but six months after the wedding, will they remember who purchased it for them? I say, probably not.

The tradition of giving Luxury European Linens however, lives on!

Here’s why.

  • The newly married couple certainly has a plethora of things to purchase to make their surroundings comfortable.
  • As we all know, the bedroom is likely a very important place where a lot of time is spent.
  • The new couple may not make this type of investment themselves.

What could be better than a set of incredible luxury linens. A great set of 100% Egyptian Cotton luxury linens will last for years and will be appreciated by both of the newlyweds. A great set of sheets may last as long as 10 years.

The best linens in the World have always and still do come from Italy.

And Luxury Linens make a perfect gift for other occasions as well and here are the "Top 10 Reasons" why!

Luxury Italian Linens - the gift that is used every night and keeps giving.

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