How to stuff a pillow shams to make them look perfect.

The best way to stuff your pillow sham.

Pillow shams are a great addition to any bed, regardless of the bed’s size or design. However, many people run into problems when trying to position their shams. It can be quite challenging to get the soft cotton flanges to stand on edge. Not to worry, as we are ready to show you how to overcome that challenge.  

  • First, make sure you are using a pillow insert that is generously filled. Using old, worn out pillows that are flat and lifeless will make your sham look very sad. There is no crime in tossing that old pillow in the trash.
    • An overstuffed feather pillow is the best type of pillow filler to use because they are inexpensive. They also fill out the whole sham perfectly and that includes the corners.
    • This tip applies to those who use Euro shams, Standard shams or King shams on their bed. 

Many people have a tendency to pick up their shams from the top edge of the flange before placing the sham on their bed. 

  • We can pretty much guarantee this will result in the flange flopping over. 

The best way to stuff a pillow sham

This happens when you pick up the sham from the top edge, as it creates a void between the pillow insert and the sham.  

  • As an alternative, pick up the sham from the bottom as shown below.

The best way to fill your pillow shams 

  • Now shake it very gently back and forth. This subtle shaking will drive the pillow insert down (to what will be the top edge). This will eliminate any void between the sham and pillow insert.
  • Next, grab hold of the sham and any excess fabric from the bottom using just one hand.
  • While still holding onto the sham and excess fabric, carefully flip the sham over to the correct orientation and then set in place.
  • Lastly, set your flanges by pulling up on the corners. 

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