How should luxury linens be cleaned?

The best way to wash your bed sheets...

It is important for bed sheets to be washed a minimum of once a week. This will ensure that all of your linens are clean. But this does not pertain to just the sheets. Your mattress padduvet cover and sleeping pillows should all be cleaned a few times a year as well.  

Should you wash my linens more than once a week?  

  • That all depends on what you are doing in bed. During warmer seasons, people typically have oilier skin and that oil makes its way onto your linens. Washing them once every five days or so should keep your linens clean and fresh. If you can’t wash them every five days, then change your pillowcases every 5 days. The difference will be very noticeable.  
 What other measures should I take?  
  • Invest in good pillow protectors and a good mattress pad. These are available at Vero Linens. Just follow the ‘Shop Now’ button and begin shopping for luxury linens.  

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