Why use both a fitted and flat sheet?

Do you need to use a flat sheet on your bed?


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Why use both a fitted and flat sheet?  

Flat sheets are a choice among some people while others prefer to forego them altogether. There is really no right or wrong answer. So here are some bedding facts that will help decide if flat sheet is right for you.  

Benefits of using a flat sheet

  • A flat sheet is much easier to wash than a duvet cover.
  • Flat sheets are easier to put on than having to stuff a duvet cover.
  • Your duvet cover will stat cleaner for longer periods of time.
  • Often times sheets are sold in sets and a flat sheet is part of a set so you may get one whether you want it or not...  

Drawbacks of using a flat sheet 

  • It becomes one more item to have to deal with when making your bed.
  • You will need to launder your blanket or duvet cover more frequently.
  • A flat sheet could become tangled in all of those layers.
    • Most European hotels do not use flat sheets
      • This makes for less merchandise and inventory (hotels typically have 3 to 4 sets of sheets for every bed).
      • Fewer sheets to launder and less time making beds saves money on labor.
      • These hotels generally use a down comforter and duvet cover. The duvet cover  should be washed for each new guest. 

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