Do you need to use a Flat Sheet?

Do you need to use a flat sheet on your bed? 

Updated 10/19

Why use both a fitted and flat sheet

Over the last year or so, we have seen the great debate on the internet and on TV – should one use a flat sheet or forgo it.
Here in the US, we just assumed that everyone used a flat sheet. While traveling in Europe we discovered that many of the hotels we stayed in only used a fitted sheet and a duvet cover. 
It makes sense in a hotel environment to not use one, assuming (hopefully) that the duvet cover is washed between guest changes. It is a cost-saving for them. The hotel doesn’t have to wash, purchase or stock an extra piece of linen, hotels typically have 3 to 4 sets of bed sheets for each bed in the hotel. They also do not need to spend money on the labor of the housekeeping staff to wash it or put it on and off the bed.
The question about not using a flat sheet in your home use gave us pause. There is no right or wrong perspective on this topic, it is just something to consider. 
Below is our perspective on using a flat sheet or not using one. 

 Benefits of using one
  • Flat sheets help keep your duvet cover clean. This means you will not need to wash your duvet cover, blanket or coverlet as often. Duvet covers are large pieces, washing and ironing them can be a challenge.
  • Stuffing a duvet cover can be a challenge.
  • Flat sheets are pretty easy to put on the bed.
  • Lower cost bedsheets are typically sold in a set, so you're getting one if you like it or not...
  • With better quality sheets, there are often decorative details on the cuff of the flat sheet, that adds to the finishing details of the bed.
  • If you have a hot spell and decide to kick the duvet cover off, you still have something covering you.

Shop for the finest luxury beddingDrawbacks of using a flat sheet

  • If you purchase sheets that are sold as pieces, you can save a little money by not buying one.
  • It is one more piece of laundry to contend with.
  • It's one more step you need to take when making the bed.
  • The biggest reason people may forgo a flat sheet is, they can get tangled up in it. 

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