What thread count isn't

High thread count bed sheets doesn't mean high quality bed sheets!

What thread count isn't!  

High thread count does not equate to high quality. So what is thread count and why is it so important? The truth is that it is not always that important. It really all comes down to quality. 

The quality of bed sheets is not contingent on thread count. For example, a sheet with a 200-thread count could be higher quality than a sheet with a 600 thread count. The grade of cotton is more important when it comes to bed linens.  

A quick online search could show you a set of 1000 thread count sheets for a mere $60. But continue that search and you will also find a set of 1000 thread count sheets demanding a price of $1,800. Keep in mind that at Vero Linens, we have no retail mark-up and that enables our linens to sell 60% less than linens of the same quality.  

Here is a way to put it in even simpler terms.  

  • McDonald’s burgers are made of beef, although there is a tremendous difference in the price of a Kobe beef burger. So you would not expect to pay only a few dollars for a Kobe beef burger, because that kind of high quality does not come that cheap. 

High thread count sheet doesn't mean your sheets are high quality 

High thread counts essentially tells you very little about the quality of those sheets. Thread count is an easy concept to understand, people assume the higher the number the higher quality the sheet – which is simply not the case.  

Thread count is something that many companies use as their primary sales pitch. However, the thread count merely describes the number of weft threads and the number of warp threads that go into a square inch of fabric.  

  • That equation means that 150 warp threads and 150 weft threads in a square inch of fabric equates to a 300-thread count sheet. Instead of looking at thread count, customers should be on the lookout for long or extra-long staple cotton. 

Look for extra long staple cotton in your bed sheets

Cotton bed sheets from Italy.Vero Linens has a vast array of luxury linens that guarantee high quality. Our marketing pitch is straightforward as we inform our customers as to why our fine bed linens are considered to be such high quality.  

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