Make your bed look like one in a 5 - Star Hotel!

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 Hotel Bed

Updated 10/19

Making your bed like one found in a luxury resort is not a difficult task. A bedroom should be your sanctuary and you can easily make it look better than any hotel room you have stayed in.
A simple subject:
When you check into a nice hotel room, you will likely find the bed to be unpretentious. Better hotels use duvet covers and down comforters for the top of the bed. Down comforters are wonderful to sleep under as they are light and warm. Making a bed with a duvet cover and down comforter is easy and these items are not restrictive as some blankets and bedspreads are.

You will most likely find your sheets to be white, this is intentional. White sheets work with any decorating theme and provide a clean and fresh look. The bed may have a few decorative pillows just to bring a little interest to the bed. Many hotels use a bed scarf at the foot of the bed, it is generally quilted, many people put their suitcases on top of the bed, so the scarf keeps the duvet cover cleaner.

It is also no coincidence that white sheets are the most popular selling color bed linens. They look a clean, fresh and work with any room decor.

5-Star appearance:
Although luxury bedding has been around forever, the Westin Hotel gets a lot of credit for bringing it to the mainstream. Twenty plus years ago, most hotels used bedspreads for the top of their beds; many hotels did not pay attention to the quality of their bedsheets as well. At Westin Hotels, the quality of their bedsheets varies by property. Some of the lower cost Westins use sheets made in Asia, the higher end Westin’s may use linens made in Italy.

People stay in a hotel room to sleep, so the concept of making that experience pleasant and memorable makes perfect sense.
The best sheets & bed linens are Italian made:
We believe the finest bed sheets in the world are produced in Italy. Northern Italy has been producing luxury linens for over 150 years and they are pretty good at it.

Many luxury hotels market their rooms noting “Italian Sheets” in their room descriptions and advertising campaigns.
Most Italian bed linen manufacturers are committed to the practice of only using the finest cotton in their sheets and hold steadfast to exquisite finishing such as embroideries, hemstitching, and other elegant finishing details.

Make your bed 5-star:
Many 5-star hotels make their beds more inviting looking by using layers. This includes a duvet cover, down comforter, down sleeping pillows, and maybe a blanket or quilted coverlet. The end result is a bed that not only looks uncluttered and neat looking but comfortable as well.

If you want to replicate that 5-star Hotel bed, here are the basic elements used to make one:

  • Perfectly made bedDust Ruffle (Bed skirt).
  • Mattress pad (or a feather bed).
  • Fitted sheet, flat sheet & pillowcases (Italian of course).
  • Down comforter (covered with a light sheet-weight duvet cover).
  • Two, four, or even six sleeping pillows (down or feather/down - not synthetic).
  • Euro shams at the head board, 3 for a king size bed, 2 or 3 for a queen size bed.

An item that many overlook are pillow protectors. Pillow protectors add nothing to the overall look of the bed, but they do provide an extra layer of protection to your pillow. Pillows over time can become quite dirty. They come in contact with body oil, dead skin cells, drool, and other stuff. The pillow protector help keep the sleeping pillow cleaner. They are inexpensive and generally zip off for easy washing. 

Vero Linens has everything you need to make your very own 5-star bed. Select from our fine Italian linens, cozy warm down comforters, luxury duvet covers, and down sleeping pillows. When you are ready to lay down in luxury, look to Vero Linens for all your bedding needs.

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