How to decorate your bed.

How to decorate your bedroom...

Okay, this is a sensitive topic. We know that there are some that may disagree with our perspective, but here we go.

  • We think that the best way to make a luxurious looking bed is to keep it simple.
  • There are many different decorating ideas, tastes and possibilities, but we subscribe to the “less is more” approach.

The below bed is a little over the top. In addition to this bedding likely being 100% polyester, it is just too much. 

Be careful not to over decorate your bed

Some may say this is a romantic bed.

  • We think that few people, in particular men would feel good about sleeping in this. In addition to a lot of questionable looking color and ruffle, in six months from now all of the ruffle will likely be stretched out and floppy looking. 
  • Conversely the bed below is clean, inviting, uncluttered and sophisticated looking.
  • Some might say that the room looks cold and stark.
  • This can be changed with a few splashes of color in art, and some chairs a throw or other decorative accents.

An all white bed can be very elegant looking

What is more elegant than an all-white bed?

  • Think about the last time you slept at an upscale hotel, most likely it was white, clean and uncluttered. 

So here is our bullet point list for decorating your bed.

  • Keep the bed uncluttered.

  • The largest piece on the bed is your duvet cover or coverlet. When decorating we recommend selecting this piece first and select accents that work with it.

    • We occasionally see individuals fall in love with a decorative pillow and then attempt to decorate the bed around the pillow.

    • Decorating a bed can be accomplished in this order, but it is much more difficult than selecting the top of the bed first and finding accents that work with it.

  • If you want color, great, bring it in with neutrals.

    • Neutral's never go out of style, they don’t look tired and out of date after a few years, whereas, pinks, greens, yellows, etc. may.
    • Neutral colors are restful colors and isn’t this what you want in your bedroom?
  • A throw is a nice way to introduce some color and a it can be very functional as well.

  • Don’t over make the bed with decorative pillows, you need to remove them each night and storage might be a problem. 

  • Shop for the finest luxury beddingEuro shams are a nice touch, they look great, adda nice layered and height to the bed. Use either 2 or 3 on a Queen or Full size bed. For a King bed use 3 or 4.

  • When putting your bed together don’t forget to inspect the condition of your pillow. Pillows over time do wear out and become flat and lifeless, people often are reluctant to throw them away but once they are flat and lifeless they detract from the look of the bed.

We hope this gives you a starting place.

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