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Updated 9/2019:

Bedding and bed sheets are for sale all over the internet at a wide array of prices. There are some bed sheet sets advertised for $80 while others cost as much as $1,000 a set. It is important to be able to tell the difference when purchasing fine bed linens. So here is some criteria to use when identifying what is considered to be luxury linens:  


A variety of materials are used to construct bed sheets and that extends to silk, bamboo, Modal (wood fiber), linen and cotton. There are benefits and drawbacks to these materials:  

  • Bamboo – It is inexpensive and starts out soft, but it can become rough over time and is not very durable.
  • Modal – This is extremely expensive and very soft, but we’ve found some of it to be lacking in durability.
  • Silk –  is soft, it snags easily and is difficult to clean. It can be hot and while good silk is expensive, it is not durable.
  • Linen – Good linen is expensive. It wrinkles more than cotton, but is very durable. It starts out a little rough but gets softer with each washing.
  • Cotton – The most popular of all fabrics, cotton is very durable and washable. It wicks moisture well and is also available in many different qualities. 

Deep pocket fitted sheets:

Modern mattress manufacturers have gotten to be a little overzealous when it comes to mattress thicknesses. Mattresses are now available from 9” to 24” thick and everything in between. Here are some helpful hints to know before purchasing fitted sheets.

  • Measure the thickness of your mattress to ensure your new fitted sheet will not be too small.
  • Fitted sheets that are too small or tight will slip off the corners.
    • The fitted sheets will be difficult to put on if they are adding stress to the fabric. 

Here is what to look for when it is time to buy your next set of luxury linens: 

  • 100% Cotton – Cotton sheets are the best overall fabric for bed linens. Cotton represents the best value, durability and comfort when it comes to bedding.
  • A good grade of cotton – Remember that not all cotton is created equal.
  • Finishing details – Finishing does not add comfort or softness to a sheet. It adds decorative details which creates an aesthetic appeal and speaks to the pride of workmanship that went into the product.  
Why do some luxury linens cost more?

All bed sheets are not created the same as they range from high to low in price and quality. Meanwhile, the quality of 1500 thread count sheet sets selling for $80.00 is more than suspect.

Keep in mind that some of the finest luxury bed sheets can sell for upwards of $1,800. It is the quality that determines the price. 

  • Retail distribution results in high price markups, typically between 225% and 250%.
  • Vero Linens has zero retail mark-up on our bed linens, because we do not sell to retailers. This means our customers save up to 60% on our luxury linens.
  • When a designer’s name is placed on the label, a royalty must be paid to that designer. This means there is an additional mark-up.
  • Remember that in life, you almost always get what you pay for. 

Shop hereIn the below video, we discuss thread count and what it doesn’t and doesn’t mean. 

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