Luxury Linens, direct to consumer

Vero Linens is beginning to turn heads when it comes to the luxury linens business. We pioneered a unique part of this business that provides Direct to Consumers elegant linens at discount prices.  

Christina Binkley, a fashion and style columnist at The Wall Street Journal, reported on an emerging trend in the luxury linen business.  

“Savvy entrepreneurs (i.e. Vero Linens) have entered the market place via the internet and have begun marketing their products without the retailer.”  

At Vero Linens, we are well aware that luxury linens are incredible items, but we also acknowledge that they typically come with a hefty price tag. That is why we decided to change the game. Four years ago, we brought our incredible textiles to the internet, without the added cost of retail distribution, which carries a 225% to 250% mark-up.  

We are able to offer the same great Italian-made linens at 60% off their retail price. We will continue this trend and we also believe that Vero Linens was the very first manufacturer to take this approach to luxury bedding.  

The below video explains why you should consider Vero Linens. 


Vero Linens can enhance your sleep experience by offering snow white down and feather sleeping pillows & luxury bed sheets well below retail price. We also offer luxury duvet covers, goose down comforters and much more. Let Vero Linens show you the way to many luxurious nights of sleep for years to come. 

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The softest sheets - made in Itlay

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