Sleeping pillows and sleeping positions

What is the best pillow for side, back or stomach sleepers? 

While flipping channels, we caught a news segment that focused on the attributes of a good sleeping pillow and how it relates to numerous sleeping positions. Mary Burney from Back & Motion was explaining this idea to a pair of news anchors on the WCSH (NBC Portland) television station.  

It is quite common for many people to keep their sleeping pillows longer than they should. People grow accustomed to their pillows, even though they wear out and get flatter and thinner with time. However, these old pillows fail to provide any kind of head or neck support. They may have also become infested with bacteria and dust mites. So, if your pillows are in this limp and lifeless state, then it’s time to replace them. 

In the video, Mary’s critique of sleeping pillows touched on the following points:

  • Flat and under-stuffed sleeping pillows fail to provide sufficient support. 
  • Foam pillows are usually way too stiff and become even stiffer over the course of time. They will not adjust or mold to all the curves of your body.   
  • People who sleep on memory foam pillows usually feel as though they are sleeping in wet cement. 

It is normal for people to sleep in all different positions throughout the night and each of those positions require different amounts of support. Our professional opinion is that feather or down pillows are ideal for people who have a tendency to sleep in different positions. Both of these sleeping pillows are extremely malleable and here are some other positive attributes of down and feather pillows. 

  • They always conform to your head and neck.
  • Both provide excellent overall body support.
  • They will never bunch up on you.
  • These are ideal pillows for those who sleep on their stomach, back, or side. 

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The best sleeping pillows

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