What size pillows or shams to use on a queen size bed.

What size pillow is used on a Queen bed?

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Choosing the right bedding can be confusing to some, especially when it comes to luxury bedding. But have no fear, Vero Linens is here to guide you through the process.  

Buying good bed linens can be a rather expensive purchase. That applies to buying sheets, down comforters, pillow shams, or sleeping pillows. There is a broad range of prices floating around, so it is important to know exactly what you are purchasing.  

Many people have a common misconception when looking for new bedding items. They think that because they have a queen bed, they are required to buy queen sleeping pillows and a queen pillow sham.  

This is just not true as a Queen size pillow, pillowcases and pillow shams are somewhat of an unusual size. Queen size pillows measure in at 20” x 30”. Whereas, a standard size pillow measures in at 20" x 26". A significant portion of bed linen manufacturers do not even produce queen pillows or shams.  


Italian Pillow ShamsSo here is a simple way to figure out what size pillow and pillow shams you need.  

  • Measure the pillows length from edge to edge. Use a soft tape as the pillow, if properly stuffed will have a curved surface. 
    • Some pillowcases (included ours) are made long enough to accommodate both a standard and queen sleeping pillow.  
  • Regardless of pillow size, we recommend purchasing a feather pillow (not polyester or foam filler) for those pillows or shams that you will not be sleeping on.  

Here is a video that talks about the different size sleeping pillows used in bedding and an explanation for why you should avoid using polyester for your pillow inserts. 

Vero Linens can help you experience luxury while you sleep by providing some of the best sleeping pillows available anywhere in the world. Our online showroom features feather sleeping pillows, soft down sleeping pillows and much more. For all your luxury linens, check out Vero Linens today.  

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