Making your bed with a Coverlet

How to make your bed with a Coverlet.

Coverlets are a popular top of the bed option. In the below video and article we explain how to make your bed with one.

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Quilted Coverlets 

Not everyone is familiar with a coverlet. Simply put, it is a short bedspread.  And not everyone uses a coverlet. But for those that do, here is more on making your bed with a coverlet.  

Some people enjoy the way a coverlet looks. So what makes it different than a bedspread? 

The answer lies with modern mattress manufacturers. A bedspread is actually a cover that is intended to hangs to the floor. But with so many levels of thickness in today’s mattresses, not all bedspreads fit right. This is where coverlets come into play.  

Some mattresses are as thin as 9 inches in thickness while others can range up to 24 inches. It is simply impossible for bedding manufacturers to accommodate all those variations. So what is the solution? You guessed it…coverlets!

There is the option of having a custom-made bedspread that will fit your mattress. But that is going to cost some serious money. You could wind up spending as much as $1,500 for anything that looks decent. It should also be noted that bedspreads were traditionally a decorative piece. Coverlets are more functional and can be used as a blanket or top-of-the-bed cover. 

Coverlets are made in a couple different construction styles and here is a closer look at those varieties: 

  • Quilted – This is made of (3) layers: underside, batting (middle), and top layer. These three pieces are quilted together with varying stitch patterns, providing a very decorative finish.  
  • Matelassé (pronounced MAT-LA-ZAY) – This consists of a single layer of fabric, which is typically a bit thinner that its quilted cousin.  

Once you have purchased a coverlet, it may contain some wrinkles. A quick fix is to put it on the bed and run an iron over it. Better yet, use a steamer if you have one as this is the most optimal way to remove the wrinkles. 

Making your bed with a coverlet  

After the coverlet has been placed on the bed, pull the edge that will be at the head of the bed all the way to the headboard. Next, fold it back about one-third of the way down. 

Now do the same thing with your flat sheet. When using a flat sheet with a decorative trim, make sure you have placed it on the bed upside down. This way when it is folded back, all those beautiful embellishments will be visible. 

It is time now to add your pillow shams. If you do not have any Euro shams, then consider buying some. Euro shams add a nice height and a more layered look to the bed. 

Now add your sleeping pillows. Remember to stand them on edge. 

If you decide to put your duvet cover at the foot of the bed, then just place your duvet on the bed and fold it up. You can also roll it. If you don’t wish to sleep with a duvet at night, then simply remove it and set it down on a chair or bench that may be in the room. 

Making your bed with a coverlet

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