Luxury Linens vs. Warehouse Club Bed Linens

Vero Linens vs. Warehouse Clubs Bedding... 

The marketplace is flooded with people selling bed linens, even the warehouse clubs are touting high-thread count bed sheets. We had an interesting conversation with one of the larger warehouse clubs. The representatives were interested in our linens. It appears that the bed sheets they are selling are not meeting their customer's expectations.

They were offering a 500-thread count sheet that was selling at a pretty low price, and their sales were robust, but their return rate was exceptionally high. The complaint was the sheets were scratchy and rough feeling.

One immediately might say, 500-thread count is a high thread count, why would they be scratchy?

As we have mentioned throughout our site – it isn’t the thread count, it is the grade of cotton.Sheets made with lower grades of cotton are not going to feel as nice as those made from higher or finer grades of cotton.
Cotton is graded using several criteria; color, tensile strength, fiber diameter, and fiber length being some of the more important attributes.
The below image identifies the differences in fiber length and color.

Long staple cotton vs. poor grades of cotton

Yarns spun with shorter fiber cotton have more ends in the yarn. If the cotton fiber diameter is thicker, it is more coarse and those ends can give the bed sheet fabric a coarse feel.

In the image below, you  see the difference between our luxury linens and a department store bed sheet. The difference can be felt and seen.

Finer grades of cotton make the best sheets  

The reality is, a lower thread count sheet made from a good grade of cotton can feel nicer than a higher thread count bed sheet made from a poor grade of cotton.
This is our favorite analogy; compare a hamburger from White Castle to one that comes from a fine Bistro made from Kobe Beef. Both are beef, both are hamburgers.

Slider vs Gourmet hamburger


So when you see those bed sheets selling for $80 that have 1000 thread-count weave and are made from 100% Egyptian Cotton, think twice. Additionally, there is also a good chance they are not 1000 thread count or Egyptian Cotton and you can be assured they are not made from Long Staple or Extra Long Staple cotton.

Extra long staple cotton bed sheetsAnother trick some linen manufacturers use is to coat their fabric with silicone, so when you feel it in the store, it feels smooth, but the reality is – the silicone washes out and you may end up with rough scratchy sheets.

When you’re thinking about purchasing a new set of sheets, keep us in mind. We only use the finest grades of Long and Extra- Long Staple cotton in our luxury bed sheets. 

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