Luxury Linens vs. Warehouse Club Bed Linens

Vero Linens vs. Warehouse Clubs Bedding...

Vero Linens was recently approached by a large warehouse club and asked a variety of questions about our luxury bedding and sheets.  

The reason for these questions was because warehouse club’s alleged luxury bed linens were not meeting customer expectations. The warehouse club was selling 500 plus thread count sheets in their warehouse stores and online. Those items were selling, but a high number were also being returned. One of the most common complaints was that their “luxury linens and sheets” were scratchy.  

Perhaps they should have watched our video on why thread count isn’t that important (found further down this page).  

  • High thread count is not what distinguishes quality bed sheets.
  • A high thread count cannot make a poor grade of cotton feel any better.
  • Good quality cotton is the most important attribute of good quality bed linens. 

In the image below, we show you the difference between our luxury linens and a department store bed sheet. The difference can be felt and seen.

Finer grades of cotton make the best sheets 

Let’s put it in simpler terms. Anyone can serve a ½ pound hamburger. But if that meat came from a 10- year-old milk cow, it is not going to taste like a hamburger that is made from Kobe beef.


So, if you purchase a complete set of sheets for $80, you are not buying luxury linens. 

The lack of consumer satisfaction with this warehouse club’s product is also evidenced by their ratings, which consistently received two stars out of a possible five stars. 

In the following video, we explain why it’s all about the cotton when it comes to bed sheets.



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