Sorting and grading cotton  

Cotton is not just cotton, as all cotton fibers do not have the same attributes.

Only the finest grades of cotton are used in true luxury bed linens

And obtaining the finest grades of cotton does not just happen. It involves a sorting process and here is how that process is completed.  

  • Cotton is almost pure cellulose. The fibers are actually a soft thread which grows in a boll, or protective casing, around the seeds of the cotton plant.
  • For hundreds of generations, cotton has been spun, woven, and dyed.
  • Cotton has been used as clothing in ancient India, Egypt, and China.
  • Hundreds of years before the rise of Christianity, cotton textiles were woven in India and over time, this process migrated to Mediterranean countries.  

In the below video, there is a demonstration of the process of taking a bail of cotton into a spool of cotton yarn. Carding is a process where the fibers are sorted, which separates the long fibers from the shorter, less desirable ones.


Egyptian Cotton was generally associated with high quality products. Yet, the reality is that only a very small fraction of the cotton grown in Egypt is actually superior in quality. In actuality, the annual crop yields of Egyptian Cotton have fallen dramatically over the last decade as well as the overall quality. Egypt is not the same force in the cotton markets as it once was. This boils down some interesting facts: 

  • A high number of products that claim to be made of Egyptian cotton simply are not.
    • Officials from Egypt’s Department of Agriculture have publicly said that the amount of Egyptian cotton labeled and sold as Egyptian Cotton could never be grown in Egypt. 

Finer grades of cotton command a high price and these grades are typically used in the manufacturing of luxury linens. Many people believe that a high thread count is what determines the quality of a sheet. However, that notion is completely inaccurate.  

View the below video to learn why thread count is a secondary consideration when selecting bed sheets.


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