Common bedroom decorating mistakes.

 Decorating design mistakes made in the bedroom.

There are countless ways to decorate your bedroom, although it is important to know what not to do during this process. There are lots of ways to make your bedroom more appealing, relaxing and inviting. There is also one cardinal rule to remember to achieve any one of those looks: function over form. This means that it is important to remember that your bedroom is a place for rest, first and foremost.  

It is not like you are going to show off your bedroom to large crowds, as there are only a limited amount of people who will ever actually see your bedroom. That makes comfort more important than design. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when creating a comfortable bedroom. 

Beds that are too high or low 

  • Beds that are either too high off the ground or too low to the ground can be problematic. Beds that are low are usually tough to get out of. Meanwhile, beds that are too high are tougher to get in. As a rule, make sure your overall bed height measures above 24 inches and below 30 inches.  
  • Don’t purchase a duvet cover that is not a sheet-weight fabric. While certain textures may look appealing in a duvet cover, some can be very weighty. There are even interior decorators who make the mistake of using upholstery grade fabric on their duvet covers. They may look good, but all that weight does not exactly feel good when you are sleeping.  

Watch this video for additional details.

Avoid super thick-mattresses. This creates challenges in terms of ingress and egress while also making your nightstands look disproportionate in size. Not all linens fit super thick mattresses. Mattress thickness sizes above 15” can create lots of problems

 Too bright of colors, busy and matching patterns

Bright colors should be avoided in the bedroom  

  • Color is good, but colors that are too bright can be distracting in your bedroom. And if your entire bed is decorated in one busy/matching pattern, it can become old very fast.  
  • Too much pattern may take away from the ambiance of your artwork or furniture. That is why we suggest using neutral colors as they are timeless and easy on the eyes. They will never become outdated and make accessorizing very easy. The look of a neutral-colored bedroom can also be changed with the addition of a few throws or decorative pillows.   

Decorating in a short period of time. 

  • There is no rule that says decorating your bedroom has to be done instantaneously. Mistakes are often made when people rush the process. Many people often take a step back and realize something doesn’t look right after they finish decorating hastily. There is no reason you have to say I would’ve, should’ve or could’ve decorated differently. Take your time and get it right.  
  • Begin the decorating process with the larger pieces, such as headboard, dressers, mirrors and window treatments. Give yourself a chance to get used to the room before considering any room accessories, artwork or other furniture.   
  • Lighting is important. Good lighting next to the bed is a plus. In the event that you have a focal point of the room, your lighting should accent this area. Areas where there is a chair or chaise should also be equipped with good lighting and the entrance and exit should also be illuminated well.  

Nick-knacks and Tchotchkes 

 Knick-knacks cluttering the bedroom

  • It’s okay to have a few meaningful mementos, but don’t go overboard. Nick-knacks will add clutter to a room and also make dusting more difficult.   

Pillows in moderation

Bed loaded with too many pillows  

  • Coordinating the right amount of pillows on your bed can create a very appealing look. However, placing pillows everywhere on the bed will make it look cluttered.  
  • Decorative pillows can cost a pretty penny and too many may be a waste of your hard-earned money. Keep in mind that those decorative pillows will also need to be removed every night and put back on the bed in the morning.  
  • For a finished look, try using Euro Shams along with one or two decorative pillows. This will also provide some variation in height. A Euro Sham is functional and can be supportive when reading or watching television in bed.  

Turning your bedroom into an office 

  • A bedroom is very much like a sanctuary. It is a place where you can unwind, relax and recover. Being on your computer can be nothing more than a constant reminder of work and all the stress that comes with it. Those 2AM emails are probably something you could do without anyway.  

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