What is hemstitching?

Updated 10/19 

Hemstitching is a finishing technique performed on textiles that results in a decorative detail on garments, table linens, and bedding.

Hemstitched bed sheet

Historically, hemstitching was done by hand; a few strands of either the warp threads or weft threads were pulled out of a piece of fabric, creating a small void in the fabric’s weave.


These loose threads were then cinched up creating an ornate decorative hole.

This was a tedious task, but all of that changed in the late 1800s when a gentleman by the name of Karl Gegauf invented the 1st hemstitching machine.

Hemstitching adds an interesting look and finish to any textile. It is often seen as a sign of quality and has become a classic look for many garments and bedsheets.
With bed sheets, this detail can be found on Flat Sheets, Pillowcases, Shams, Duvet Covers, and Dust ruffles.

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