Luxury Linen Ironing tips!

Tips for ironing your bed linens 

There are some people out there that enjoy ironing and many of those people take the time to iron their bed sheets. Whether you iron for the sheer love of it or whether you do it out of necessity, there is no denying how nice it feels to climb into a bed topped with a freshly pressed set of sheets. To simplify the ironing process, we have put together several ironing tips and they are as follows: 

Rowenta makes exceptional irons

Purchase a good heavy-duty iron 

  • Our experience has shown Rowenta irons to be an excellent choice.
  • Most Rowenta irons have a nice feel and weight, which helps remove wrinkles. They also stay hot and feature a great flow of steam.
  • Rowenta makes irons in Germany as well as other locations. We recommend only buying models made in Germany as there is a huge difference in durability.
  • Good Housekeeping recently selected the Rowenta Advancer Iron Model #DZ9080 as one of its top 3 irons.
  • Consumer Reports suggests buying an iron with a stainless or ceramic iron surface, mainly because this kind of construction offers a smoother movement. 

When to iron

  • Take your linens out of the dryer when they are slightly damp and iron them in this state.
  • Water is a wrinkle release and, therefore, makes the job much easier.
  • If your linens are dry, get yourself a spray bottle of water to create some dampness.

Don’t overload the dryer and do not dry sheets for too long. Also, don’t let your sheets sit in the dryer once the cycle has finished. It will leave you with more wrinkles  

Ironing pads 

  • Make sure your ironing board is outfitted with a thick pad of at least 3/8".
  • Ironing pads wear out and get thinner with use. Replace your pad if it is too thin.
  • There are a few different ironing board configurations. If you’re unsure about the size of your replacement pad, take your old one to the store and make sure to buy the right size.
  • Some people iron linens on their bed. This is a great idea, as the surface is quite large. However, most mattress covers are synthetic which means they can melt. So be careful. 

If you have a lot of ironing to do, consider purchasing a rotary iron. Pictured below is a Miele iron, which is perfect for shirts, bed sheets, pants and other items. 


Mangle or rotary irons can be a time saver  

There are many kinds of ironing boards being sold on the market today. However, consumers have written lots of positive reviews on Brabantia ironing boards, specifically the Size C, 124 x 45 cm with Steam Iron Rest and Linen Rack.

Barabantia ironing boards are considered some of the best 

Super soft bed sheetsHere are some other professional ironing tips:  

  • There may be an instance when wrinkles still remain even though you have the right equipment, heat setting, and steam. If that happens, put a damp towel under the sheet. This works particularly well with linen sheets and tablecloths.
  • To give your bed sheets a nice fragrance, consider using Le Blanc Linen spray, which is sold on our site. Just spray a few spritzes on the sheet’s surface and iron accordingly.
  • Never put a linen spray in the iron because it will gum it up. 

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