How to update a guest bedroom for house guest

 Is your Guest bedroom ready for guests??

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It’s not hard to neglect your guest room, although it is an important part of your home. Whenever you host someone for the night, you want to make a good impression. Your guest room is actually a reflection of you, so why not make it memorable.   

Many house-guests are family, but they can also be very judgmental. They may also have very loose lips. Whether it is your mother-in-law, cousin Frank or Aunt Millie, they are all likely to have a critical eye when spending the night. So here are some steps to follow to ensure they leave with a favorable opinion.   

  • Lay out some current magazines. That does not mean Sports Illustrated and Maxim for Aunt Millie. Cater the magazines to your guests.
  • Fresh cut flowers in a nice vase adds a memorable touch.
  • A cozy throw makes for some comfy snuggling. 
  • New batteries ensure the remote control is always working
  • New guest slippers will really give you a five-star rating.   

Now it’s time to address the bed. Beds in a guestroom can often be a place to stockpile old bedding items you no longer use in your own bedroom. Look for the following issues and then address them accordingly:   

  • Old, flat and maybe even yellow pillows.
  • Down comforters with no down left in the compartments.
  • Mattress pads that are no longer intact.
  • Sheets that have seen better days.   

If you truly want to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your house guests, sleep in the guest room for a night or two. Then, fix the things that bothered you. When that is accomplished, be proud to open up your guest room and don’t be afraid to welcome your mother-in-law, cousin Frank or even that feisty Aunt Millie.   

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