How to remove permanent wrinkles in bed linens & bed sheets

Removing a permanent wrinkles in your bed sheets...

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Sometimes fabrics will take on a permanent wrinkle or crease. You likely have encountered this with some garments, for example, if you let down the seam of your pants cuff you will probably have a permanent crease where the fabric was folded before.

These permanent wrinkles can sometimes be found in bed sheets. The reason this happens is, a wrinkle or fold developed for whatever reason and was never removed, over time the fabric may take on a permanent crease. These creases are unsightly and annoying, but you should be able to eliminate this crease with a few quick steps.

Here is what you’ll need to fix this.

  • An Iron – the heavier, the better.
  • An ironing board or flat surface.
  • A thick or folded, terry bath towel.
  • A spray bottle of water.
  • Fabric spray starch.

Turn iron on (high heat), and lay your terry towel on the ironing board, if it is a thinner towel, you will want to fold it over as you will need to have some cushion or give in the surface of the towel.

1. Lay the affected area on the terry towel with the crease area facing up.   

2. Spray the crease with water. Be sure to soak it, then let it sit for a minute.

To remove a permanent wrinkle in your bed sheet 1st soak the affected area

3. Now hit it with the iron, pressing down firmly. The idea is to flatten out this crease, and if possible, slightly reverse the direction of this crease. 

When Ironing the wrinkle press down firmly with the iron

4. Turn the sheet over and repeat this to the other side of the fabric.  

5. Now give it a slight mist of spray starch and run your iron over the area. The starch will aid in stiffening up this area.

After you have ironed the sheet dry, spray it with starch and iron it again.

The permanent wrinkle is gone 

You will want to keep an eye on this crease in the future as it may come back. If it does, you should be able to just touch it up with an iron. Eventually, the fibers should straighten out permanently.

Going forward, remember not to over dry your bed sheets and hand press them when they come out of the dryer. 

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