ABC News segment on Thread Count and what they missed in their report!

 ABC News segment on Thread Count and what they missed in their report!

On Wednesday, June 5th, 2013, ABC News aired a segment on Thread Count in sheets on a show called "The Look Out." Below is the clip from that show...


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There was some truth in that segment, although one important explanation was omitted. The segment failed to explain why lower thread count sheets can actually feel better than higher thread count sheets. Here is some information explaining why that is the case:  

  • The grade of cotton used in the construction of bed sheets is what gives the bed sheet a nice or rough feel. It does not necessarily have to do with the thread count.  
  • Not all cotton is created equal. Cotton is sorted and graded based on characteristics such as fiber length and diameter, fiber strength and elasticity, color and other variables.  
  • A 300-thread count sheet, made with a good grade of cotton, will feel better to the touch than a 300-thread count (or higher) sheet that is made from a poor grade of cotton.  

Here is a video that explains in a more detail Thread Count, and why it isn't that important... 

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