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The best way to clean a Down Comforter

Down comforters do get dirty, even if you have a duvet cover on them.Body oil from your skin and other stuff that comes in contact with your duvet cover over time can leech though the duvet cover and accumulate on the comforter, causing it to becom
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Picking the Perfect Pillow for you...

Are you looking for the perfect sleeping pillow? With over 25 years in the luxury bedding industry, we feel confident in saying – there isn’t one sleeping pillow that satisfies everyone’s needs or likes.If the pillow that one sleeps on is too
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Selecting the right warmth level of a Down Comforter!

Down comforters come in several construction styles, fills & weights. Here is what you need to know when selection the one that is right for you. To begin, we recommend a Baffle-Box construction style – you can learn more about down c
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Remove wrinkles from of your bed sheets without an iron!

100% cotton sheets can wrinkle. Sure, you could purchase cotton/poly, blends, but they just don’t feel as nice as all cotton sheets.In the below video we will explain how to easily get wrinkles out of your bed linens without using an iron, I’
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