16th May 2018

Making the PERFECT BED

The Perfect Bed! Really!Everything You Need to Know There is nothing quite as soothing as slipping into a well-made bed. Let Vero Linens walk you through the proper way to layer and make the bed of your dreams in just 10 simple steps.Let’s get st

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11th Apr 2018

Banishing Permanent Wrinkles

Getting rid of a permanent wrinkle in your bed sheets... Two posts ago, we offered helpful tips for avoiding wrinkles in your bed sheets before, during and after the laundering process. Yet, in spite of the best intentions, wrinkles can pop-up

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22nd Mar 2018

Summer Lovin’ Your Linens!

Aaaaahhhhhh….. sliding between cool freshly laundered sheets and a well-made bed is one of life’s small (incredible) pleasures and rewards. Few things feel this wonderful at the end of the day, don’t you agree?Spring has sprung and it may be time t

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15th Mar 2018

How to Minimize Those Darn Wrinkles in your bed sheets!

Wrinkles in Cotton sheets are inevitable!One of the hallmarks of 100% Cotton is wrinkling and though naturally occurring, linens that are ironed and smooth feel nicer next to the skin. Washing and drying your linens can add winkles to your bed shee

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22nd Feb 2018

It’s NOT about Thread Count!

High thread counts do NOT equate to high quality sheetsWhile thread count does determine the number of threads within a square inch of fabric, contrary to the long-held belief it does NOT tell you anything at all about the quality of the

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13th Feb 2018

Because a Good Night’s Sleep is Priceless

Our last post discussed luxury linens as an investment- a wise investment. True Luxury Linens are made of high quality cotton that you will notice each time you slip between your sheets. Better yet, good linens continue to soften after each wash

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5th Feb 2018

The best way to launder your bed sheets...

Caring for your bed linens Luxury Italian Linens are an investment and very worthwhile one! Proper care and maintenance of any investment is important and well worth that extra bit of effort. Just follow these easy steps to extend th

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29th Dec 2017

Fix Your Washing Machine Without Calling an Engineer.

There’s no doubt we all depend upon our washing machines for maintaining the luxurious freshness of our natural linens and towels. But did you know your washing machine has a life expectancy of just 11 years? And there’s a good chance you’ll encou

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18th May 2017

Down Comforter Tips - what you need to know...

Down Comforter Tips - What you need to know.... Because it doesn't have to support weight the way pillows and mattresses do, your Down comforter should last 10 to 15 years if you keep it covered and air it regularly. It may need to be re

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18th May 2017

The History of Cotton and how it is processed...

Cotton has been grown and harvested for over 5000 years. The growing, harvesting and weaving of cotton has under gone tremendous changes in the last hundred years, but, the basic steps in its harvest and processing are virtually the same. A

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