We think everyone should sleep in luxury linens, here's why.

We think everyone should sleep in luxury linens, here's why.

Posted by Vero Luxury Linens on Mar 07, 2019

We would like to preface this article by saying our attempt is not to come off as haughty, merely something to consider when purchasing your next set of sheets.

Look, the reality is, exquisite bedding may not have appeal to everyone, that’s fine. Luxury bedding can be expensive and not in the budgets of some.

If your bed looks like this and you are happy with the way it looks – great. 

If your happy with a messy bed, luxury bedding may not be for you.

If this is the case, Luxury bed sheets and bedding may not be for you.

What luxury bed sheets won’t do is:

  • Make the bed by themselves
  • Launder themselves
  • Improve your sex life
  • Change your life

What they will do is:

  • Look incredible
  • Feel wonderful next to your skin
  • Make getting into bed at night a great experience and feeling

Some may be unaware that there is such a thing as luxury bedding and may think that sheets from a big-box department store with a high thread count are as good as bed sheets get.

However, there is a small segment of the bed sheet market that discovered and appreciate luxury bedding linen.

Luxury linens have been around for over 150 years. Their lineage is primarily European with Italy as one of the more predominate influencers and producers.

The luxury bedding market represents about 5% of the total bedding sold in the US.

Backing up a bit, we spend a lot of time in bed. Our bodies and brain need sleep and relaxation to live. We hope you agree that the thought of making this time the most comfortable it can be - makes perfect sense.

Many of us appreciate the finer things life has to offer. Luxury items have status and sometimes a practical appeal.

While an off the rack suit from Wal-Mart does meet the criteria of a semi-formal outfit, it doesn’t compare in look or feel to a handcrafted custom-made suit. A handcrafted suit is constructed better, will likely last longer, and it contains finer materials in its construction.

Much like a handcrafted suit, luxury bedding is made from finer materials & will be more durable

Some luxury items are not as practical, but still manage to bring joy to their owners.

Consider a pair of women's Louboutin Shoes.

Louboutin shoes are crazy expensive but women love them

  • They are crazy expensive
  • They typically are out of fashion after a single season
  • Most men would never notice them for what they are (although it's hard to believe no one would notice the ones shown above)
  • Most likely they hurt the owner's feet
  • But again, some find the need to have several pairs, and they wear them pridefully

Anyway, you get the point, so back to luxury linens.

Luxury bed sheets are typically made from the finest materials available and contain small finishing details such as embroidery, hemstitching, mitered corners, and more stitches per inch that not only look great, but some add durability to the product.

As we have stated a number of times, the grades of the cotton used in a bed sheet identify its quality, not thread count. One may be able to squeeze a 1,000 threads of cotton in an inch of fabric, but if the cotton used is a poor grade and feels like burlap, what's the point.

When looking for finer bed sheets, expect to pay $300 to $1,000. You should look for those made from Long or Extra-Long Staple cotton. 

Extra Long Staple is generally twice as long as poorer grades of cotton

You may want to consider the country of origin as well. Items made in China or India are often suspect relative to their labeling.

We hope this helps.

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