4th Dec 2018

Picking the Perfect Pillow for you...

Are you looking for the perfect sleeping pillow? With over 25 years in the luxury bedding industry, we feel confident in saying – there isn’t one sleeping pillow that satisfies everyone’s needs or likes.If the pillow that one sleeps on is too

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20th Nov 2018

Selecting the right warmth level of a Down Comforter!

Down comforters come in several construction styles, fills & weights. Here is what you need to know when selection the one that is right for you. To begin, we recommend a Baffle-Box construction style – you can learn more about down comfo

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1st Nov 2018

Remove wrinkles from of your bed sheets without an iron!

100% cotton sheets can wrinkle.  Sure, you could purchase cotton/poly, blends, but they just don’t feel as nice as all cotton sheets. In the below video we will explain how to easily get wrinkles out of your bed linens without usi

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19th Oct 2018

Is it time to replace your Down Comforter?

The reality is down comforters wear out. (If you determine it is time to replace yours - check out our blog on what you should consider in your next one - found Here) There are a number of factors that contribute to the wear of a

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19th Oct 2018

What you should consider when purchasing down comforter!

There are a number of different construction styles found in Down Comforters. (In this Blog post we explain how to tell if your Down Comforter needs to be replaced - found Here) Below are some of the more popular ones found in the US.

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1st Oct 2018

Should you use or not use a Flat Sheet?

The debate continues …Be sure to scroll down the page for a discount coupon code for our luxury bed sheets.The media has been a buzz over the last year or so regarding if one should use a flat sheet or not use one.Well, we can’t say which option is t

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13th Sep 2018

​Preventing your white sheets from yellowing!

We are asked on a regular basis, the best way to get your - once white bed sheets (now yellow) – white again.Well the best thing you can do is prevent them from becoming yellow…In the below video we explain some steps to take to keep them white, or

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17th Aug 2018

​Bringing Italy Home

Who doesn’t dream of a summer sojourn to stunning Italy? The rolling hills of Tuscany. The sun kissed Amalfi coast.   The romance of ancient Rome. We all do!!!!! Whether you’re fortunate enough to have journeyed there or not, w

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1st Aug 2018

Sleep Tight

A good day begins the night before. Sleep poorly and your next day’s productivity, energy, mental and physical health can be negatively affected. Many of us are cursed with achieving that essential good night’s sleep, but there are some simple ste

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19th Jul 2018

​Percale vs. Sateen bed sheets.

What are the differences? In the below video we explain the differences. If you prefer to read versus watch, scroll down the page. There are a number of weaves that are used in the construction of bed sheets. Each have a slightly di

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20th Jun 2018

Why to avoid buying inexpensive bath towels...

Why cheap towels are - well, just that, CHEAP. You see them in the big box department stores or on Amazon – bath towels $9.99 ea. Well, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for. And to demonstrate some of the inferior qualities

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9th Jun 2018

How Often Should You Wash your Bed Sheets???

You’ve got questions- We’ve got answers! Change my sheets how often???? The short answer at minimum once a week . However, as of this writing, we’re now firmly into the warm weather months and we tend to sweat and produce more bo

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