Diamante luxury 17" extra deep pocket fitted sheets, available in king, california king, queen, full and split king sizes.
Ivory sateen 600 thread count deep pocket fitted sheets. Made in Italy from Extra Long Staple cotton.
Sable (medium tan) - 17" Extra Deep Pocket fitted sheets, available in king, Cal - king. split king, full and queen sizes.
White - Luxury Fitted Sheets. Super Soft, the finest, highest quality 100% Long Staple Cotton. 17" Extra deep pocket Fitted Sheets
Diamante luxury 17" extra deep pocket fitted sheets, available in king, california king, queen, full and split king sizes.
Ivory sateen 600 thread count deep pocket fitted sheets. Made in Italy from Extra Long Staple cotton.
Sable (medium tan) - 17" Extra Deep Pocket fitted sheets, available in king, Cal - king. split king, full and queen sizes.
White - Luxury Fitted Sheets. Super Soft, the finest, highest quality 100% Long Staple Cotton. 17" Extra deep pocket Fitted Sheets

Luxury Italian Extra Deep Pocket Diamante Fitted Sheet

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Diamante is made from exceptional grades of Extra Long Staple cotton (woven & finished in Italy) woven into a silky-smooth sateen fabric. Improve your sleep life with these wonderfully soft bed linens.

This extra deep fitted sheet works well with any of today’s super thick mattresses as it’s constructed with a fully elasticized extra-deep 17” pocket. (Coordinates perfectly with Diamante flat sheet, pillowcases, duvet cover, and shams).

  • Extra deep pocket Diamante Fitted sheet, 17" pocket100% Extra Long Staple Cotton.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Fully elasticized Extra Deep pocket fitted sheet.
  • 600 Thread Count Solid Sateen.
  • Available in White, Ivory and Sable.
  • Purchase Direct from the manufacturer - no retail mark-up.
  • Machine washable.

The most luxurious sheets you will ever sleep in.

Have questions? Email us HERE or call 786-512-3268.

Sleep in the finest luxury linens, sleep with Vero Linens.

Watch the below video to learn more about our luxury Italian bed linens.

 Our Bed linen textiles are Oeko Tex certified 

Oeko-Tex textiles and fabrics are certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use.


Available In King (78” x 80” x 17”), Queen (60” x 80” x 17”), Cal-King (72” x 84” x 17”), Split King/Sold In A Pair (39” x 80” x 17”), and Full (54” x 75” x 17”)


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Best sheets we have ever had. So luxurious. Love them. Riddell Jefferson

Flat sheet Diamante

Thanks so much for these soft and high-quality bed sheets. These sheets are so soft and comfortable, I feel like I'm staying in a high class hotel. Thanks Steve Steve Sudlow

Extra Deep Pocket Diamante Fitted Sheet

This sheet was just what I was looking for. Soft and high-quality and, most importantly, deep enough to fit over my pillow top mattress with 4” featherbed on top. Now no more sheet popping off every night. Susan Cantrell

Diamanté fitted sheet

The surface and texture of this sheet was excellent, though not better than the similar but less expensive sheets we got from Lands End for comparison. What is not good is that these sheets are too deep. They actually feel loose on our deep tempurpedic. The lack of fittedness allows the bottom sheet to bunch up during sleep and it has to be retucked many days. It could use a touch more fitting and a bit less deep ness in our view. Response from Vero - We appreciate the feedback. Many sheet makers struggle with this. We see mattresses from 9" to 24"and everything in between. Today there is no standard mattress thickness. Many sheet makers have resorted to providing an extra deep pocket sheet to accommodate this variation. As sheet makers we never hear the mattress doesn't fit my sheets, it is the opposite. Tempurpedic mattresses typically are thinner than spring coil mattresses. We can cut sheets down for those that have thinner mattresses. Again, thanks for your purchase and perspective. John Cole

Diamante sheets

These are wonderful sheets, I am addicted to them. Kitty

Diamante Fitted sheet

I am very pleased with the quality of these items, they're beautiful. The fabrics are wonderful. You have the best customer service, and I'm very appreciative! Rebecca

Soft sheets

Thank you - I am so in love with my sheets, I decided I HAVE to have the duvet cover to protect my lovely Vero Linens down comforter. Thank you!! Casey

Soft sheets

We absolutely love our Vero Linen sheets. They are the softest sheets we have ever had and we just purchased another set! The quality is outstanding as well!! Thanks, Steve for your help with our order the other day. Jill

Your sheets and service

Hi Steve. I have yet to get back on my computer to put my order in...i will...I must take the time to send you a huge thank you. In this busy technology age when does an owner ever answer their phone... You have always answered the phone or return my call and have helped me to figure out what it is that I would like to purchase. I am so happy with your wonderful products...wow ..the quality of sheets are totally like the high-end hotels that I have stayed at and that's what perked my interest and I wanted to have that same in my home. So now I have it. I love your informative videos and I have passed that information on to my friends at my job.... with all our busy-ness a great night sleep is enhanced by the comfort of those sheets and covers♡♡♡. It doesnt just have to be on a vacation. Get the word out. I'm in the Vero Linen Fan Club! Sincerely Lois Lois

Love all the bedding...

Hi Steve, I love the bedding I ordered from you guys. I'm pretty certain I have the most comfortable little spot on the planet in my bed, thanks to you. I'll recommend you whenever I can. Wishing you continued success, Kevin Kevin

Thanks for putting a little luxury in my life

Steve , I couldn't be happier with your products, sheets (3 sets) pillow cases and the towels. Taking a shower, drying off with my Christy towel then sliding between my Vero linen sheets is amazing. I didn't know what I was missing, it's like day and night how well I sleep now. I almost feel sorry for people sleeping on other sheets. I'll be getting a duvet cover for summer as soon as I decide on a style. Jim

Change of perspective from 3 to 5 stars

Ok, I originally posted the below review. Steve from Vero contacted me immediately, expressing his concern about the 3 stars rating I gave them. He explained, he never gets 3 stars ratings. He then went on to explain that comparing a good set of older (broken in) sheets to a new set of good sheets, isn't a real fair comparison, sighting that it is like comparing a new pair of jeans to an a broken in pair. He indicated that he would check back in a month or so, after I had washed them a few times to see if I felt the same way. Well, he did, and he was 100% correct. The sheets have become softer and smoother with every wash, and they are pleasure to sleep on. Thanks Steve. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Out of the package, the sheet was very smooth and slick (too slick), but after washing the first time, that "finish" was gone. I was surprised and disappointed at how thin the fabric was. In my opinion, it's an okay sheet, but not great. Is this really a long staple (Egyptian cotton) sateen sheet? I have sheets that have a beautiful drape and smooth velvety hand, and was hoping this sheet would be as well, but it's really not comparable. Marian

I’ll be ordering any new linens from Vero Linens from now on.

Steve, I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new sheets. I have searched the internet for luxury sheets to fit the mattress in my RV and there are simply none available. The sheets available are very low quality and pill after the first wash. The custom sheets from Vero Linens fit perfectly and are higher quality than the sheets I use on the mattress in my home. I’ll be ordering any new linens from Vero Linens from now on. I couldn’t be happier. Thank You Tammy

Vero Linens & customer support

I have received the items I ordered, and I am very pleased with what I have purchased. The UPS here messes up my address frequently casing delays in delivery, but I am very impressed with your businesses customer service. I really appreciated your commitment to your customers.I Will in the future be giving your business high praise for providing myself with excellent service as well as an amazing bed sheets.It was hands down some of the best service I've received along with being one of the best purchases I've made. The extra wait was definitely worth it. David

We will be back for more…

Dear Steve, I am writing to commend you and your organization on the superb quality of your linens and the first class customer service experienced with each order. My wife and I are very satisfied customers - we especially appreciate the value provided by your offering of linens. We will be back for more… Matthew

Love your sheets

Love your sheets, they were refereed to my from a friend and their greet. Matt

I love my new sheets

I purchased the Diamante sheets and loved them so much I decided to try the Olivia. I love them as well. I have found a new source for bedding, thanks for the great service and sheets. Lois

I love the linens, Steve

I expected them to look and feel luxurious - which they do in spades. But what I was not expecting was that they should improve my quality of sleep so dramatically. The extra comfort seems somehow to translate into a deeper, more restful sleep. So I am very pleased with them, I'm toying with the idea of buying some Olivia sheets for the summer. This would be my 3rd set. Margaret

I gave some Vero Linens as a gift.

The people I gave them to love them! Mary

I love my Vero Sheets!

Steve, Thank you for following up. Now, that I have these lovely linens in my possession, and after having thought about them longingly for a long time before ordering, I don't want to ever let them go! In the summer, when I take the duvet cover off and I have my eye on your percale sheets, so I may be ordering some of them. I can't let them out of my sight now I finally have them. Maggie P.

We love your product!

The quality is great. Oxana

I wanted to wait until I slept in the new linens, comforter, pillows, and duvet a few times before critiquing it.

The feel of the cotton is second to nothing I have ever slept in or touched. I have slept better in the last 7 days than I can ever remember. I fall asleep almost instantly, to the point where I don’t even think about falling asleep the next thing I know it’s morning time and I am well rested for the work day ahead of me. Granted, I do have my nights where I will wake up for a moment and turn a few times before falling asleep but this is minute compared to my nights prior to your linens. I genuinely feel like these linens are changing my life for the better. Comfortable is an understatement for the down comforter/duvet cover combination. The pillows and pillow cases are phenomenal. I am a very happy customer and glad to have paid the steep (in my opinion, even with your lower prices compared to your competitors) price for high quality bedding. Timothy

Way too beautiful to hide these in the bedroom ...

Am thinking these silky-soft, elegant linens should be worn and not just tucked away underneath a blanket or comforter. Yes, they are THAT impressive. If only I had a sewing machine and knew what to do with it! Sherry R.

Thank you!

I gave the sheets to my wife today for her birthday, she loves them! She can't stop talking about how soft they are. She's also happy about the linen wash, she wants to care for them correctly. Between the quality of the linens and your customer service, I'm a very happy customer! Keith

Order Now!

I am so glad I made the purchase (flat,fitted and pillow cases)! Love the feel and look forward to a comfortable sleep. The service was amazing - ordered from Canada on a Wednesday night and was sleeping in new bedding Friday night - wow! I'm saving up for my next order - well worth the money! Gail

It is doubtful that that I will consider anything else in the future.

I just got my fitted sheet and pillowcases about a month or so ago and I am looking forward to slowly building my linen set with Vero. I'm still using an old flat sheet and sleeping under the old flat sheet and over the Vero fitted sheet, the difference is obvious, the Vero sheet is much softer and silkier than my old sets. It is doubtful that that I will consider anything else in the future. Sincerely, Chen-Lun Chen-Lun

I love, love, love the bedding!

It looks amazing and I’ve been receiving a lot of complements from friends who have been over to my place lately. If only they knew how amazing the linens are to sleep in at night! More than anything, it was a pleasure working with you. I appreciated the fast service, follow up emails. Product 5/5, Service 5/5, Overall Satisfaction 5/5 William L

I love the way they feel

I just received my order and they're beautiful! I love the way they feel. Thank you for your prompt service and quality. Karen K. Karen from California

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Italian linens made from exceptional grades of cotton. Impeccable quality and simple elegance made to last longer.


We do not sell our products to retailers. Therefore, there is no retail markup, unlike other luxury linen brands.


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