Summer Lovin’ Your Linens!

Summer Lovin’ Your Linens!

Posted by Vero Luxury Linens on Mar 22, 2018

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Aaaaahhhhhh….. sliding between cool freshly laundered sheets and a well-made bed is one of life’s small (incredible) pleasures and rewards. Few things feel this wonderful at the end of the day, don’t you agree?

Spring has sprung and it may be time to change up some of your bedding, for a few reasons, including; modifying your bed look with a lighter looking one, cooling that warm (cozy winter) bed down a bit, or maybe because you want to just change the look of your bed.

It’s possible that your down comforter and duvet, so fabulously cozy in the colder months, might be a bit too warm for the summer months.

Some Down Comforter may be too warm in the Summer Months.

If you want to lighten your linen load and pack away that duvet cover and down comforter until fall, consider using a quilted coverlet and down blanket combo as your top of the bed accessories.

Why these two combinations such are a great Summer Combo.

A coverlet will change the look of your bed. It lightens the appearance of your bed by reducing the bulkiness of a down comforter/duvet cover arrangement and it can reduce the overall warmth of the bed covers.

However, you might need just a tad more warmth than a coverlet provides, so consider using a down blanket under your coverlet to add a light layer of additional warmth. Not sure what a down blanket is? Click here to learn the differences between a down blanket and a down comforter. 

Down Blankets are a great alternative to a Down comforter in Summer months

  • Quilted coverlets are great option that provide an appealing and finished look to finish off the top of your bed. A good quilted coverlet is composed of two layers of cotton (top and underside), which envelope a thin layer of batting. The fabric is then quilted into a decorative design. Cotton quilted coverlets are washable. To shop for our quilted coverlets and shams click here.

Quilted coverlets are a great top of the bed piece in the Summer

Not So Fast!

While some change up their bedding dynamic seasonally, others remain steadfast in their loyalty to their down comforters.

If your home is air conditioned the room temperature likely doesn’t fluctuate too much from season to season. So, you never have to say good bye to your down comforter. In fact, some homes may be even colder in the summer months if the thermostat is kept low.

For those who use down comforters year-round, consider having two different comforters of varying weights to swap out seasonally.

If your objective is to change the look of your bed, consider changing your duvet cover to a light bright color vs. a dark pastel color.

And Finally:

Here are some helpful bedding tips for the summer.

  • Consider laundering your sheets more frequently in the summer months, as we tend to produce more body oil and perspiration. As a result, linens do not feel as clean by the end of the week.

If you can’t find the time to wash your sheets weekly, consider keeping extra pillowcases on hand and change them out the midweek. This is a quick and easy way to freshen up your bed.

One hundred percent cotton sheets have superior wicking properties, which keep you cooler by drawing moisture from your body. A bonus all the year round, but especially in the summer months.

Vero Linens can enhance your sleep experience each season of the year. Visit our online showroom and select one of our goose down comforters, feather sleeping pillows or any other of our fine bed linens.

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Linens are what we do!