Is it time to replace your Down Comforter?

Is it time to replace your Down Comforter?

Posted by Vero Luxury Linens on Oct 19, 2018

          The reality is down comforters wear out.

          There are a number of factors that contribute to the wear of a down comforter. A comforter may last anywhere from 8 to 15 years (or more) depending on how you care for it and your sleeping patterns/habits.

          But first, let us explain how to tell if yours needs replacing.


          • Take your down comforter out of the duvet cover.
          • Hold it up to a light source or a window.
            • The comforter here is just starting to show signs of wear, but one can see the compartments in the center are not totally full.

          Hold your down comforter up to a light to see the compartments that are worn and void of down

          If the comforter is showing signs of wear, you will most likely notice the area that lie over your shoulders may contain less and sometimes no down in them at all. At some point, you’re only sleeping under two layers of thin cotton fabric.

          Should you find this to be the case, you are not getting as much insulating value, if any, from it as you could or should and it’s time to replace your comforter.

          What causes this wear?

          • Down fibers are very fine. These soft malleable fibers are what gives the down its ability to trap air and provide insulation. Down doesn’t generate heat, it only retains your body heat.

          Down is the best filling for a comforter as it offers a wonderful warmth to weight ratio

            As you toss and turn at night, you create friction inside the comforter compartments. The down clusters rub against each other and over time breakdown, turning into dust that migrates out of the shell and collects on your furniture and floor.

            Those that get into bed and don’t move until they wake up will get more life from their comforter than those that are restless.

          • Lower cost materials – lower thread count shells or ticking will allow more down to escape.

          Preventing premature wear:

          • There is likely not much that can be done to help the restless sleeper not be so restless. So, if you’re a restless sleeper, expect to get less life from your comforter than the still sleeper.
          • Avoid laying on top of the down comforter. Your body weight will crush the down reducing its life.
          • When you wash or remove your duvet cover, rotate your down comforter 180°. Do this a few times a year. This will re-distribute the high wear area (your shoulder area) to your feet area and you will get more even wear and extended life.
          • Keep in mind that most comforters are rectangles, so when you put it back inside the comforter it is orientated properly.

          If it is time to replace it, consider a down comforter with a baffle-box construction style. As well, please give some consideration to our wonderful baffle-box comforters. We offer three different warmth levels, so there is one that will meet your needs and certainly expectations.

          Learn more about down comforter constructions styles here.

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