Our Down Alternative Comforters are made in the USA. A Down Alternative fill is ideal for those with allergies or prefer not to use real down.
Baffle-box comforters are a premium construction style. Cold spots are eliminated with this style of comforter.
All of your down comforters are made with a corner loop that allows you to attach your comforter to your duvet cover.
Vero Linens baffle box lightweight down comforter is generously filled with snow white down. Our Down comforters are wonderfully light and warm. Our lightweight comforter is perfect for those that want the wonderful loft and lightness of a Down Comforter but may find heaver comforters to be too warm.
Our Down Alternative Comforters are made in the USA. A Down Alternative fill is ideal for those with allergies or prefer not to use real down.
Baffle-box comforters are a premium construction style. Cold spots are eliminated with this style of comforter.
All of your down comforters are made with a corner loop that allows you to attach your comforter to your duvet cover.
Vero Linens baffle box lightweight down comforter is generously filled with snow white down. Our Down comforters are wonderfully light and warm. Our lightweight comforter is perfect for those that want the wonderful loft and lightness of a Down Comforter but may find heaver comforters to be too warm.

Light Weight Baffle Box Down Comforters (Medium Warmth)

Size Required

Luxurious Light Weight Medium Warmth Baffle-Box Down Comforter.

650 Fill Power Snow White 360 Thread Count 100% Cotton Solid Sateen Down Proof Shell.

Down comforters don’t have to be heavy to be warm. Vero’s luxury comforters are filled with 650 fill power snow white down and have a baffle-box construction, which is a premium construction style. Down offers an exceptional weight-to-warmth ratio. This lightweight (medium warmth) Down Comforter is perfect for warmer climates and seasons or for people that find themselves warm at night with heavier comforters. 

This is our most popular weight Down Comforter.

  • Baffle Box Down ComfortersIdeal for those with average body warmth.
  • The Ounces of Down in our Light Weight (medium warmth) are as follows
    • Twin - 32 Oz.
    • Queen - 45 Oz.
    • King/Cal-King - 53 Oz.
  • Made from a 650 Fill Power Down.
  • Our Down goes through a 7-stage patented cleaning process, making it sanitized and Hypoallergenic.
  • The baffle-box construction style allows the down to loft to its fullest. It is a premium construction style and does cost a little more, but we think it is worth the expense.
  • The combination of our cleaning and baffle-box construction makes them the benchmark for the industry.
  • Our light/medium weight comforter is constructed with a 1-inch sidewall construction, eliminating cold spots that are found in other styles of comforters.
  • The shell of our comforters is made from a 100% cotton sateen so they will not feel or sound scratchy as some down comforters do.
  • Our comforters are light and cozy providing an incredible sleep experience.
  • All of our Down Comforters are constructed with corner ties (loops) that help prevent slippage inside your Duvet Cover.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Our comforters provide warmth with minimum weight.
  • The edges are corded, and double stitched edging provides maximum durability and longevity.
  • Generously sized to a ensure proper fit in your duvet cover.

Awarded Best Comforter Good Housekeeping Magazine

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Watch our videos below to understand more about our comforters and what to look for when purchasing your next one.

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Available In King/Cal-King, Queen & Twin


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Great sleep!

This is the perfect weight comforter for me! Heavy enough to keep warm at night, but not so heavy that I sweat! Love it! Karen Birch-Limberger

Very nice.

Looking forward to having a duvet where the feathers stay in their spot. Dorothy Schaffer

Beautiful down comforter

This comforter is awesome. We love it. Beautiful baffle construction, superb materials, and not one single loose feather. Our first night with this and we could immediately feel a better quality sleep. Phil

Baffle Box Design Delivers

We love our lightweight baffle box comforter, it fits perfectly in the Olivia duvet cover, and the down does not shift. Making the bed is now a pleasure. We purchased a 2nd Vero Linens comforter for our guest room based on the high-quality product, comfort, and ease of use. Tracy

Light Weight Down Comforter

Vero Linens is a company of great quality! Their customer service is excellent. My family and I LOVE the Light Weight, Medium Warmth down comforters. They are perfect in weight, keeping cozy, and comfortable. In addition, these comforters are so clean unlike the down used from China. I am thrilled to have found Vero Linens. I would never dream of buying bedding elsewhere. A customer for life! Michelle

Down Comforter

We love the down comforter! Thank You so much D. Ann

Quality Comfort

I received my "All season light weight Down Comforter" about 2 weeks ago. I was watching YouTube video after YouTube video for reviews of down comforters and doing the ol google search for any and all reviews on companies for comfort AND quality. YouTube came up way short with top recommendations going through amazon, for made in China fake or poor/low quality down. But they spoke of them as if they were something akin to what Vero sells. From google searches I kept coming back to Vero and I am SO SO glad I did. I feel like im sleeping under "quality comfort" every night. There is very little noise, as I read in a lot of reviews of other brands being a problem, and the softness of the comforter from the down and the cotton baffle box cover is truly luxury. I called Vero twice to ask some questions (yea, I'm that guy) and both times I spoke with the owner who spent a lot of time with me, explaining the process, where the down and cotton are sourced from (not china) and the benefits of baffle box construction. Coupled with a promise of a 30 day return period I pulled the trigger after several days of looking and am confident I made a good decision. Im sleeping better and more comfortably than ever thanks to Vero and their quality product. Do yourself a favor and give them a try!!!! Chris

Worth Every Penny

My wife and I are in love with this comforter its the perfect weight and warmth. I was hesitant looking online and because you aren’t able to feel the product, but do not worry the comforter is so soft and makes you wanna lay in bed all day! Wyatt

Down Comforter

I recently purchased the Vero king size medium warmth down comforter and Italian Righetta Stripe Duvet Cover. If you are looking for top of the line products as well as extremely personable and helpful customer service, look no further. Louise

Very impressed!

My mom introduced me to Vero Linens and this was my first purchase per her recommendation. I was so impressed with the customer service, to the information available, it’s easily digestible and Steve is very knowledgeable and explains things in an easy to understand way. I ordered this comforter right around Xmas 2020 when EVERYTHING was delayed and somehow it arrived within days!! My husband and I love the comforter! Will be ordering more from VL in the coming months. The quality is just too good to pass up. Brittany L.

Cozy New Comforter

My husband loves his new comforter. He cannot believe something so light can be so warm. I looked and looked and liked the quality at Vero Linens. So far, so good and customer service was great! Sally Ruggero

Down Comforter

Dear Vero Linens: Recently I purchased one of your beautiful medium weight down comforters. I am so very pleased with the service I received beginning from the first "hello" when I called, then how quickly I received the product to the unbelievable experience of coziness and warmth as I slept. The touch and craftsmanship, the promise made and promise kept of quality, function, and beauty will keep me coming back for more. Thank you! Buy American! Best regards. Carol Carol

Down Comforter

Hi Steve: I had the great opportunity to speak with you and get help placing my order. First time customer and I talk to the boss! Or one of them! Well, I received my beautiful comforter and absolutely love it. Very beautiful quality and craftsmanship. Thank you. Well, I will be back soon to order down pillows and pillowcases. Take care. God Bless you and your family and your great team. Buy American!!! Carol V

Down Comforter

Love the look of this comforter/duvet Carol

Med Wgt Qn Comforter

I have purchased my down comforters in Germany. I decided to try Vero since my nightly comforter was in need of replacement. Upon receiving it I checked the product label and was surprised/concerned that it read ... "at least 75% down..." I then wrote my concern to Vero, thinking I had purchased a 100% down. Had I been deceived? Well I was NOT. Their response guided me to their short video, which I now understand why they honestly label their products so. The med.wgt feels a little heavier than my previous German comforter but much fluffier and just the right warmth for this time of year in the Bay Area of California. My two cats enjoy jumping from their "cat tree" onto the comforter and often nap on it. I will see if it 's warmth will still be appropriate come warmer season. MiYo

Down Comforter

I am delighted with Verolinens service and quality of products. The comforters and the sheets are the best I have ever encountered. The Ava sheets are crisp and soft and my next purchase will be the Ava comforter cover. I find the service impeccable and very professional. Thank you so much for providing such comfort! Michelle B Michelle

medium weight queen down comforter

I was surprised when I opened the comforter to see it was duck down. I have always bought goose down before but I thought because of the high price Vero must know what they were doing and it should be a quality item. I gave it a chance and it is super fluffy and warm. It doesn't fit well in my full size duvet on the full bed but I expected that and squeezed it in. There is no down escaping which is wonderful. I think the site should mention that it is duck and assure buyers the quality is top notch. Mary Mary Ross

Medium Wgt Down Comforter

We love our Down Comforter Ada

Medium Wgt Down Comforter

I purchased 10 of the Down comforters because I wanted a “clean” down to go with the organic mattresses that we purchased for a new house. The down comforters are perfect for cold nights in Colorado and not too hot for the summer. D"Ann Norwood

Love all the bedding, pillows & down comforter

Hi Steve, I love the bedding I ordered from you guys. I'm pretty certain I have the most comfortable little spot on the planet in my bed, thanks to you. I'll recommend you whenever I can. Wishing you continued success, Kevin Kevin

10 Stars

This is a delicious—and classic—down comforter. The baffle construction, along with the quality workmanship, materials and down, makes all the difference in comparing a Vero comforter with those usually sold by other companies. Because I live where winters are cold, I’ve long had a deep-winter weight, baffle-construction comforter. It’s too warm, however, for the rest of the year and I had despaired of finding a baffle-construction lighter-weight comforter until I accidentally discovered Vero Linens. I chose the medium weight, which on cold nights is warm without being hot and, on now-warmer nights, has also been just right. It is light in heft (it seems to almost float but still provides that “comforting” wrap of a comforter) without feeling in any way skimpy, and the drape or drift (or whatever to call the way it falls over your body) is marvelous. I’m very particular about things and I recommend Vero comforters without reservation. The quality of the comforter suggests that any products from Vero Linens would be as outstanding. Their service, too, is superb and complete. Ten stars! Mary Lyn

Down Comforter

Luxuriously delicious! We might have check out your other products. Rick

Light Weight Baffle Box Down Comforter

An incredibly well made comforter that will impress even the most discerning among us. We have purchased down comforters for over 30 years so recognize a superior product from those that don’t make the grade. Having lived in Germany for over 10 years where we purchased German made down comforters a few times, we can honestly say without reservations the Vero linens comforter is second to none. You will not be disappointed! Mike & Angelika Swalko

I absolutely love the comforter and pillows I purchased from you

It's not just luxurious feeling, but it looks luxurious as well! We know if it's Vero Linens, it's top quality and naturally elegant without being fussy! Thank you for your help! Also, we love the short films providing info about each product as well as the newest one on how to best care for our comforter! Warm Regards D.

We absolutely love the pillows and comforter!

My pillow is the 100% down one and my heads is cradled just perfectly; I have several disc in my neck that are bulging and this pillow fits the bill for my type of keeping on my back or side just right. My husband is a back and side sleeper, but much larger than me and he prefers a pillow with a little more support. This pillow having the extra support in the center, then the down all around it gives him the chance to experience the yummy feeling of a cushioned pillow, with the support he needs! The comforter is like a dream. My Mom and Dad had a down comforter that I loved and I purchased one. I say my relationship with that comforter is 'love- hate", because it feels so lovely, but then..it's too heavy and makes my feet feel like they're being pulled downward..ugh (not your comforter)! Watching your short videos proved much help for us in our decision buying. You provided us the perfect information to make educated buys! We will be back for more of your products! Dee

I want to thank you for the great service and the great product.

I found a video of yours on the internet, quite by accident. Before I knew it, I had watch about 15 different ones, learning about down comforters. So I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I called to order your Summer Weight comforter, and you answered the phone. As I told you on the phone, I thought you presented yourself quite well in the videos and you were just as informative on the phone. Well, I’ve had the comforter about 2 weeks now and it’s all that it is cracked up to be. The perfect weight for South Florida. Peter

I absolutely love my new down comforter

It is made very well & feels luxurious. I like the fact that it is made in the USA. It is so warm & cozy, perfect for our cold Minnesota winters. This is by far the best down comforter I have owned. I may order a lighter weight one for the summer Kris

They are beautiful!!

Hi Steve! I received my order yesterday and wanted to tell you how happy I am! The comforter and linens are beautiful!! Anne

I love my comforter & your videos

Bedtime came a bit earlier than usual last night because I couldn't wait any longer to crawl under that gorgeous cloud !! It is all that I could have imagined - a beautiful slice of heaven.My comforter has a name - - Fluffola :-) Thanks for a wonderful product. Hank

I've slept in my down comforter for two days and it's marvelous.

I've slept in my down comforter for two days and it's marvelous. I haven't seen my dog in that time because he hasn't come out from under it lol. I'm glad I chose it as my first line of defense against this upcoming winter cold. Thanks for being so helpful. Michael

I wanted to wait until I slept in the new linens, comforter, pillows, and duvet a few times before critiquing it.

After just one week here are my thoughts. The feel of the cotton is second to nothing I have ever slept in or touched. I have slept better in the last 7 days than I can ever remember. I fall asleep almost instantly, to the point where I don’t even think about falling asleep the next thing I know it’s morning time and I am well rested for the work day ahead of me. Granted, I do have my nights where I will wake up for a moment and turn a few times before falling asleep but this is minute compared to my nights prior to your linens. I genuinely feel like these linens are changing my life for the better. Comfortable is an understatement for the down comforter/duvet cover combination. The pillows and pillow cases are phenomenal. I am a very happy customer and glad to have paid the steep (in my opinion, even with your lower prices compared to your competitors) price for high quality bedding. Timothy

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