Light Weight Baffle Box Down Comforters (Medium Warmth)


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Luxurious Medium Weight Baffle-Box Down Comforter. 650 Fill Power Snow White 360 Thread Count 100% Cotton Solid Sateen Down Proof Shell.

Down comforters don’t have to be heavy to be warm. Vero’s luxury comforters are filled with 650 fill power snow white down and have a baffle-box construction, which is a premium construction style. Down offers an exceptional weight-to-warmth ratio. This lightweight (medium warmth) Down Comforter is perfect for warmer climates and seasons or for people that find themselves warm at night with heavier comforters. 

This is our most popular weight Down Comforter.

  • Ideal for those with average body warmth.
  • Our Down goes through a 7-stage patented cleaning process, making it sanitized and Hypoallergenic.
  • The baffle-box construction style allows the down to loft to its fullest. It is a premium construction style and does cost a little more, but we think it is worth the expense.
  • The combination of our cleaning and baffle-box construction makes them the benchmark for the industry.
  • Our light/medium weight comforter is constructed with a 1-inch sidewall construction, eliminating cold spots that are found in other styles of comforters.
  • The shell of our comforters is made from a 100% cotton sateen so they will not feel or sound scratchy as some down comforters do.
  • Our comforters are light and cozy providing an incredible sleep experience.
  • All of our Down Comforters are constructed with corner ties (loops) that help prevent slippage inside your Duvet Cover.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Our comforters provide warmth with minimum weight.
  • The edges are corded, and double stitched edging provides maximum durability and longevity.
  • Generously sized to a ensure proper fit in your duvet cover.
  • Available in King/Cal King and Queen size.
  • All of our Down Products are IDFL certified, which means no live plucking or force-feeding.

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Premium Construction Style:
  • 360 thread count, 100% cotton shell, sateen weave.
  • 650 fill-power snow white down.
  • 15" box.  Interior seams have a 1” baffle wall.
Generously Sized:
  • Queen size comforter (92”x 96”) contains 46 oz. of snow white down.
  • King size comforter (106”x 96”) contains 53 oz. of snow white down.
Highest standard: IDFL Seal for highest quality
IDFL means: This global standard certifies that our Down & Feather suppliers are in compliance with the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare & confirms: NO live plucking, NO force feeding & that our products are sourced as a byproduct from the food industry.

Customer Reviews (14)

Medium Wgt Down Comforter

We love our Down Comforter Ada

Medium Wgt Down Comforter

I purchased 10 of the Down comforters because I wanted a “clean” down to go with the organic mattresses that we purchased for a new house. The down comforters are perfect for cold nights in Colorado and not too hot for the summer. D"Ann Norwood

Love all the bedding, pillows & down comforter

Hi Steve, I love the bedding I ordered from you guys. I'm pretty certain I have the most comfortable little spot on the planet in my bed, thanks to you. I'll recommend you whenever I can. Wishing you continued success, Kevin Kevin

10 Stars

This is a delicious—and classic—down comforter. The baffle construction, along with the quality workmanship, materials and down, makes all the difference in comparing a Vero comforter with those usually sold by other companies. Because I live where winters are cold, I’ve long had a deep-winter weight, baffle-construction comforter. It’s too warm, however, for the rest of the year and I had despaired of finding a baffle-construction lighter-weight comforter until I accidentally discovered Vero Linens. I chose the medium weight, which on cold nights is warm without being hot and, on now-warmer nights, has also been just right. It is light in heft (it seems to almost float but still provides that “comforting” wrap of a comforter) without feeling in any way skimpy, and the drape or drift (or whatever to call the way it falls over your body) is marvelous. I’m very particular about things and I recommend Vero comforters without reservation. The quality of the comforter suggests that any products from Vero Linens would be as outstanding. Their service, too, is superb and complete. Ten stars! Mary Lyn

Down Comforter

Luxuriously delicious! We might have check out your other products. Rick

Light Weight Baffle Box Down Comforter

An incredibly well made comforter that will impress even the most discerning among us. We have purchased down comforters for over 30 years so recognize a superior product from those that don’t make the grade. Having lived in Germany for over 10 years where we purchased German made down comforters a few times, we can honestly say without reservations the Vero linens comforter is second to none. You will not be disappointed! Mike & Angelika Swalko

I absolutely love the comforter and pillows I purchased from you

It's not just luxurious feeling, but it looks luxurious as well! We know if it's Vero Linens, it's top quality and naturally elegant without being fussy! Thank you for your help! Also, we love the short films providing info about each product as well as the newest one on how to best care for our comforter! Warm Regards D.

We absolutely love the pillows and comforter!

My pillow is the 100% down one and my heads is cradled just perfectly; I have several disc in my neck that are bulging and this pillow fits the bill for my type of keeping on my back or side just right. My husband is a back and side sleeper, but much larger than me and he prefers a pillow with a little more support. This pillow having the extra support in the center, then the down all around it gives him the chance to experience the yummy feeling of a cushioned pillow, with the support he needs! The comforter is like a dream. My Mom and Dad had a down comforter that I loved and I purchased one. I say my relationship with that comforter is 'love- hate", because it feels so lovely, but's too heavy and makes my feet feel like they're being pulled downward..ugh (not your comforter)! Watching your short videos proved much help for us in our decision buying. You provided us the perfect information to make educated buys! We will be back for more of your products! Dee

I want to thank you for the great service and the great product.

I found a video of yours on the internet, quite by accident. Before I knew it, I had watch about 15 different ones, learning about down comforters. So I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I called to order your Summer Weight comforter, and you answered the phone. As I told you on the phone, I thought you presented yourself quite well in the videos and you were just as informative on the phone. Well, I’ve had the comforter about 2 weeks now and it’s all that it is cracked up to be. The perfect weight for South Florida. Peter

I absolutely love my new down comforter

It is made very well & feels luxurious. I like the fact that it is made in the USA. It is so warm & cozy, perfect for our cold Minnesota winters. This is by far the best down comforter I have owned. I may order a lighter weight one for the summer Kris
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