Should you use or not use a Flat Sheet?

Should you use or not use a Flat Sheet?

Posted by Vero Luxury Linens on Oct 01, 2018

The debate continues …

Some prefer not to use a flat sheet

The media has been a buzz over the last year or so regarding if one should use a flat sheet or not use one.

Well, we can’t say which option is the correct for you, we can tell the advantages of using or not using one.

We manufacture flat sheets, so we may have some bias.

Here are a few reasons why to use one:

  • A flat sheet provides an extra layer of protection between you and whatever you are using as the top of the bed cover and these items will not need to be cleaned as frequently if a flat sheet is used.
  • Top of the bed items (i.e. a duvet cover, coverlet, blanket etc.) are generally more challenging to clean than a simple flat
  • It is advisable that if you don’t use a flat sheet that your top of the bed item be cleaned as frequently as you clean your sheets (weekly).
    • If you use a duvet duvet cover, not only will you need to wash it weekly, for some, it can be challenging to re-stuff it with your down comforter.
  • Higher end flat sheets are often finished with some type of embellishment so that when the bed is made open, the decorative detail is exposed and gives the bed a more finished look.

Shown here is our luxury Italian sheets & duvet cover

The reasons why people don’t use a flat sheet are simple:

  • Restless sleepers may find that they get tangled up in them over the course of the night.

Some people seem to get tangled up in a flat sheet

  • Higher end bed linens are typically sold in pieces – that is, a flat sheet is sold separate from the fitted sheet or pillowcases – thus by not buying/using one you save money.
    • If you purchased your sheets in a set, well, you obviously bought the flat sheet anyway.

Hotels in Europe and a few in the US don’t use flat sheets because:

  • A flat sheet represents an additional item to purchase and inventory. They take up valuable space in their linens stock room and are additional items to wash, dry and fold (typically a hotel will have 3 sets of sheets for every mattress used in the rooms) .


 Many hotels in Europe do not use flat sheets

  • Of course using flat sheets takes additional time for the housekeeping staff to make and unmake when dressing the beds.
  • A hotel should be washing the duvet cover between guests (hopefully), so the duvet cover and down comforter need to be re-stuffed regularly - so the flat sheet is viewed as unnecessary. 

Well... that's how we view this conundrum and we hope this helps you decide whether you need a flat sheet or not.

Now if it is time for you to purchase some new bed linens, we hope you give our incredible Italian bed sheets some consideration and because we sell our sheets as pieces versus sets - you can decide which option bests serves your needs.

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