The History of Cotton and how it is processed...

The History of Cotton and how it is processed...

Posted by Vero Luxury Linens on May 18, 2017

Cotton has been grown and harvested for over 5000 years.

Cotton is the best fabric for bed sheets

  • The growing, harvesting and weaving of cotton has under gone tremendous changes in the last hundred years, but, the basic steps in its harvest and processing are virtually the same.

At Vero Linens, we use only the finest grades of cotton in our luxury linens, due to the wonderful properties that the higher grades contain, the processing of the cotton we use is quite similar to those shown in the below videos.

Cotton truly is the fabric of our life, it is found in our clothing and household textiles as well, cotton seed oil is found in many of the foods we eat.

There are many different grades and qualities of cotton, here are a few things that determine the quality of it:

  • Species of cotton
  • Soil
  • Weather and other climatic conditions
  • Length of fiber
  • Color
  • Strength of fiber
  • Weave and finishing
  • And many more

The below video speaks to more of the growing and harvesting aspects of cotton.

We hope you enjoy them and we thank the respective producers of these videos.

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