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​Percale vs. Sateen bed sheets.

What are the differences? In the below video we explain the differences. If you prefer to read versus watch, scroll down the page. There are a number of weaves that are used in the construction of bed sheets. Each have a slightly di
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Why to avoid buying inexpensive bath towels...

Why cheap towels are - well, just that, CHEAP. You see them in the big box department stores or on Amazon – bath towels $9.99 ea. Well, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for. And to demonstrate some of the inferior qualities
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How Often Should You Wash your Bed Sheets???

You’ve got questions- We’ve got answers! Change my sheets how often???? The short answer at minimum once a week . However, as of this writing, we’re now firmly into the warm weather months and we tend to sweat and produce more body
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Making the PERFECT BED

The Perfect Bed! Really!Everything You Need to Know There is nothing quite as soothing as slipping into a well-made bed. Let Vero Linens walk you through the proper way to layer and make the bed of your dreams in just 10 simple steps.Let’s get st
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Banishing Permanent Wrinkles

Getting rid of a permanent wrinkle in your bed sheets...Two posts ago, we offered helpful tips for avoiding wrinkles in your bed sheets before, during and after the laundering process. Yet, in spite of the best intentions, wrinkles can pop-up. These
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