What you should consider when purchasing down comforter!

There are a number of different construction styles found in Down Comforters.

(In this Blog post we explain how to tell if your Down Comforter needs to be replaced - found Here)

Below are some of the more popular ones found in the US.

Ring Stitch: 

Down can shift in a ring stitch down comforter

The ring stitched comforter has circle quilt patterns sewn into the comforter. The down will never shift outside of the quilted ring area, however the non-quilted ring areas are often very large and span the entire width and length, creating large open area where the down can shift to the edges of the comforter. 

Over time you may find the down that should reside over top of you has shifted to the sides and foot of the comforter, leaving just two empty layers of cotton.It will then become necessary for you to take the down comforter out of the duvet cover and shake the heck out of it (side to side then head to toe) to re-distribute the down back to its intended position.

Channel Quilt:

Down can also shift in a channel quilt down comforter

The channel construction style has the same issue as the ring stitch down comforter: the down won't shift to the sides, but over time it will shift to the end/foot of the comforter. Again, requiring you to have to shake it out to re-distribute the down.

Sewn-Through or Box-Stitch Comforter. 

A sewn through down comforter is the most popular style of comforter, but it can have cold spots

The Box-stitch Down Comforter, also known as the sewn through construction style is likely the most popular construction style sold. 

This style is made by taking two large sheets of cotton fabric, sewing it around the outboard edges, then down is blown into the comforter at one of the corners. The down is then distributed evenly across the comforter and then it is run through a quilter. 

The down will never shift from one compartment to the other, but at the quilt seams there is very little down, creating cold spots.

Shown here are the cold spots found in a box stitch down comforter

Baffle Box Down Comforter:

A baffle-box down comforter is the best construction style.

We think this is the best construction style. It is a little more expensive, but we think it is worth the small incremental cost. 

Each of the compartments have a 1" gusset in all sides of the compartments. This construction style allows the down to loft more fully (trapping more air and providing more insulation value) and eliminates cold spots between the individual compartments. 

At Vero we offer 3 different warmth levels with our Baffle-Box Down Comforters so there is one that will meet your needs relative to warmth.

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